When Jones High School Loses, Dr. Phillips High School Wins

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by Lawrence A. Robinson
Dr. Phillips High School was built for a capacity of about 2,500 students. Their actually student population is about 3,400.

The Orange County School Board buses over 1,600 students to Dr. Phillips every school day. That's about one half the school's student population. This creates a logistics nightmare of picking up kids, taking them home and scheduling all the buses and drivers and let's not forget the cost of gas.


Also, the extra 900 students creates a need for portables because of all of the over population. Some of the

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students that are bused in, live within walking distance of Jones High School and other high schools. Surely, hundreds of those students that are bused to DPHS live closer to other high schools than to Dr. Phillips. If allowed to attend a closer school, the transportation cost will be much lower and overall, millions of dollars will be saved.

The Orange County School Board transfers about 900 extra students to Dr. Phillips daily. Each student is worth about $3,400 a year to the school they attend. This means that Orange County School Board transfers about $3 million dollars every year away from poorer communities, like District 5 and District 6, for the benefit of the Dr. Phillips more affluent community.

That's about 3 million dollars extra, above and beyond the calculated $8.5 million they receive already.

Jones High School should receive $5.2 million but after the school board transfers half the students out, they only receive about $2.6 million. The Orange County School Board then blames Jones High parents and the residents of Districts 5 and 6 for the problem when the school board caused the issue.

The Orange County School Board mismanage hundreds of millions of dollars every year and have nothing to show for their expenditures. The Orange County School Board hates District 5 and District 6 and seems to be on a 'destroy' mission there. School Board Chairman Bill Sublette should be ashamed.
Vote NO on the school boards half penny tax extension.


The OCPS Board voted to transfer over 2 million dollars away from Jones High School during school year 2013-2014. Save Jones High by denying the half penny tax extension.

Over the last 10 years, OCPS Board has effectively transferred over 30 million dollars away from District 5 schools. Save our community, deny the half penny tax extension.