State Attorney Aramis Ayala, Snatched Back Her Coveted Endorsement from Chief Assistant, Deborah Barra

AramisDeborah 200By Aramis Donell Ayala
More than a year ago, I released a statement in support of Deborah Barra's candidacy for State Attorney. That decision was based solely on what I knew at the time and within the framework of the candidates who were running/expected to run. Given those parameters, I have no regrets about my decision.   

Since that time, however, circumstances have changed dramatically. She has distanced herself from the work that has been done in the office over the past few years and as a result, is minimizing the hard work and diligent efforts made by so many of our team members. This is incredibly disappointing to me.  

In addition, a candidate has entered the race whose vision is more aligned with the work I've done during my term in office. Monique Worrell for State Attorney.MoniqueWorrell 200

These two factors have put me in a difficult position.    

It is no secret that Ms. Barra and I have fundamental differences when it comes to the duties and responsibilities of the State Attorney. That was much easier to overlook when comparing her to the two other candidates who I simply do not believe can be trusted as State Attorney.    


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Regardless of our differences, it is concerning that she has been unable to acknowledge the tangible success and progress that has been made over the past few years within our office. Even though I've chosen not to run for re-election, I still desire more for our community and want to see the progress we have made continue.

As a result, I must withdraw my endorsement of her candidacy and give my endorsement to Monique Worrell.      

My inability to maintain my endorsement in no way speaks to the value she added to the office. It speaks to the absence of a shared vision for the community that has recently been revealed and a lack of shared understanding of the job of the elected State Attorney.

Most importantly, it speaks to my commitment to speak and live in my own truth at all times and at all costs.

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