Was Amy Mercado the Dark Money PAC's 2nd Choice?

AmyMercadoBy Lawrence A Robinson
It is obvious that Amy Mercado is not qualified to manage the Orange County Property Appraiser's office. She has never had an interest in property valuation or real estate. So, why would a Dark Money PAC choose her and dump hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain control of that office? Maybe she wasn't the first choice. Inside sources suggest that Amy Mercado might have been the fall back choice in case their first pick couldn't perform.

Picture this, Amy Mercado is the least qualified candidate in the competition to be Orange County Property appraiser. She can't do the job and will fail miserably. It seems that her goal is to rip off the citizens of Orange County and the school system by lowering the tax burden of big Central Florida theme parks.

From the very start more than five years ago, this dark money PAC and their affiliates, created false scandals against Rick Singh. Why? Rick Singh ended the cozy relationship between special interests and the 'good old boy club,' making them pay their fair share of taxes.

Fact: In the last five years, special interests sued to receive special favors 359 times. About 179 cases were from special interests and theme parks. Rick Singh made them pay their fair share, resulting in 400 million dollars in lawful taxes due. Special interests don't like it, so their five year campaign strategy was to manipulate the citizens of Orange County with misinformation and lies and manufactured scandals about Rick Singh.

Amy Mercado may not have been involved in creating the scandals against Rick Singh, but she certainly benefited from all that misinformation.

I couldn't understand why Dark Money PAC would choose Amy Mercado to fulfill their scheme. She couldn't have been the first choice. Logically, she has no interest in this office and shows no abilities in the industry. After scrutinizing other candidates who were interested in the property appraiser's position, I concluded that Amy Mercado was not the first choice, but the Dark Money PAC was forced to use her because the possible first choice was not a Democrat, yet.

Then a former Amy Mercado campaign staffer confirms my suspicion of possible collusion, when I was provided with emails and recordings.

I concluded that Amy Mercado was not the first choice. The first choice was not a Democrat and that poise a problem for them.

Do the research yourself and tell me if you come up with a different conclusion.

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