The Church: Murdered By Silence and Compromise

Silence Is Consent Signby Pastor Joe Flores
You've probably heard the saying, "the church is a hospital for hurting people." Well, if that's true the hospital needs a thorough sterilization. Dirty hands can't clean other's dirty hands. Some would want to act like the general degeneration and moral decline in the church just accidentally happened. The truth is, the church is, the way it is, because we allow it to be.

Dr. MLK King Jr. said, "The only thing it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing." We've allowed ourselves to grace our way into disgrace. Between the wolves in sheep's clothing, the moderate spiritual compromises and those who seek to be at peace with everybody, including the devil, it appears that the watchmen on the wall have all put on shades and can't see a thing.

The preachers who are preaching the progressive gospel of pop psychology, have as much to do with the feckless condition of the church as the devil himself. The church is dominated by lofty, seeker safe ideas that are as weak and ineffective as a burn out light bulb to change lives and transform communities.

True reformers and spiritual revolutionaries get crucified for being blunt and bold about the state of the church. Those who cry loud and spare not are called old fashion, mad or angry. I admit to being a Revolutionary Reformist, however that does NOT make me angry. I am not mad at anyone, life is too short for that.

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However, I am tired of good people doing nothing. I am tired of everybody acting like the king with no clothes is fully dressed. There needs to be more righteous indignation at what we've allowed to take over in the church. We need to stop sympathizing with sin and heresy and call it what it is. When Jesus saw the Temple being abused by the moneychangers and the people being manipulated, He went into a rage and started turning over tables.

There are people like the woman who recently told me that I need to calm down, back off a little, step back take a break. My question to her is, "Would you have pulled Jesus aside and said, "Hey Jesus, you're taking this stuff to seriously, you need a break. Jesus, you need to step back, clear your head and have some compassion on these thieves and robbers, after all these poor people manipulators, these unfortunate God abusers, they need compassion too.

Jesus if you would just be kind enough to them, they'll get better." If you wouldn't say that to Jesus, then don't say it to me. Because an even worse condition exists in God's house today. I not only don't apologize for crying loud and sparing not, I indict every child of God who cosigns this travesty with compassion as a co-conspirator of this deep rooted evil. I indict anyone who thinks that the corruption of leadership in the church is excusable with failure to uphold the standard of God in His house.

I charge the knowledgeable but silent with spiritual high treason. I indict anyone and everyone who rises to protect the work of the enemy within the gates of God's house with conspiracy against holiness. I charge anyone who insists on lowering the standards established by God himself for His house with assault and battery on the innocent generations that will suffer because of this generation's wickedness.

Your silence in the face of such rampant trivializing of truth in the church is as much of a betrayal to the Kingdom of God as Judas kiss of Jesus. Sincere, but sorely misguided super spirituals, also contribute to the problem by twisting the Words so as to make it appear that God would have quietly pray about it. Strong voices are attacked for calling for a return to sound biblical teachings.

Instead of lifting the truth of the Word God against such wayward evil in the church, popular voices are misappropriating their time, intelligence and energy to defending un-righteousness. Nobody expects the church to be a perfect church, not even God himself calls for a perfect church in the earth realm. God calls for a holy church, a clean church, a maturing church and most of all a Spirit-filled church. If it were not possible for us to achieve this standard, God would not require this of us, but He does. And I, for one, will not have any part in the rewriting of what God has written so clearly in the name of compassion for sin and carnality. -Pastor Joe Flores

Pastor Joe Flores
Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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