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What Is The Community Steeple Media Network?


The Community Steeple Media Network (CSMN), is a collection of Print Bloggers, Video Bloggers, and Audio Bloggers who have grown their audiences to thousands of visitors a month. These bloggers are now ready to work together with other independent bloggers to form a communications network for the Central Florida Black community. is a newsmagazine which draws many thousands of visitors a week. focuses mainly on the Central Florida's Black community. The articles that appear in are written from the heart of each writer. They talk about what they know and what they feel and what they experience. They talk about politics and justice. They write poetry and prose. They produce videos that explain and they educate and inform. They talk about books that they have read and want to share with the community.


That eclectic combination of writers makes a channel for independent bloggers sharing real community news and events with the community.


There is a need for a network of independent channels in Central Florida. Independent channels working together to form a network of communicators to inform and entertain the Central Florida Black community with a focus on our issues and interest. Community Steeple Media Network (CSMN) was created to fill that void.


When independent blogger's work together in a network setting, each will grow their channel by sharing their visitors and promoting each other. is sharing its many readers with all of the independent bloggers. is also marketing each affiliate through social media and other associated websites.


Each independent blogger's channel will grow in audience size because of the increase in visitors that the network itself creates. The community will benefit by having community news, opinions and social information all coming from a Black perspective and not a propagandize view that main stream media impose onto us. Together we are creating a Black owned communications network. We all win.

CSMN Members and Supporters


Bridget Norvell


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The Jason

Henry Project 

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James DeShay

Thoughts, Love and Reflections

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Liberating Truth


Jill-Capri Simms

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