ISIS Is NOT at War With Christianity? Who, Then?

PamKeithBy Pam Keith, Esq.      (Pam Keith is a Candidate for U.S. Senate)
This morning we are reminded that ISIS is NOT at war with Christianity, or the West, or America. ISIS is at war with ANY ENTITY, country, group or person who will not submit to its special kind of nutty. 

As the bombing in Turkey demonstrates, and as we have known for many years, 90+% of all Muslims are ALSO enemies of ISIS, and far more likely to be victimized by it.

Those who do evil in the name of ISIS are not contained within geographic boundaries, are not limited to a certain age group, gender or even any particular degree of religious fidelity.

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As demonstrated by the Boston bombers and the Orlando murderer, ISIS-inspired actors are often LOUSY at following Islam or understanding it in the slightest. Devotion to the practice of Islam does not appear to be any kind of pre-requisite for those who buy into ISIS rhetoric. ISIS-inspired killers are most often people who nurture a simmering cauldron of hate, indignation, aimlessness, and vulnerability to indoctrination that may be steeped in mental illness or, more simply, evil. They belong to no particular nationality, or income bracket.

Destroying the stronghold of ISIS in the Levant is an absolute imparative, but ceding our Constitutional values at home, demonizing refugees, profiling our fellow Americans, and lashing out at all Muslims, will have NO POSITIVE EFFECT in reducing ISIS-inspired attacks.

Indeed, as many military leaders have opined, such acts only help ISIS in recruiting and inspiring people to join them. "Land of the free and home of the brave," is NOT a slogan. It is a mission statement. A bold affirmation that we will not be bullied into becoming that which we hate.

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