Do White Domestic Terrorist Have A Friend In The White House?

RobertELEE statueBy Jerry Girley, Esquire
I am deeply disturbed by the events that transpired in Charlottesville, Virginia for many different reasons and on many different levels. Let me start with the obvious, I am troubled by the fact that there was a gathering of racist anywhere in America who had as their chief objective standing up for and preserving symbols of racial hatred and oppression.

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Kelvin Larance Cobaris Is MAD, AGAIN

KelvinCobarisWhen will it end? What do we need to do to stop the killing? Pastor Cobaris is sick of it and will continue to shout about this until someone does something.

He has threaten to be in the face of the leaders until something happens.

Watch the video listen to what Pastor Cobaris is saying.

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Had Enough Yet? Solving The Killing Of Barbershop Owner Brian Berry

StrictlySkillzBy Attorney Natalie Jackson
The Black community face two kinds of criminal violence:
1) Government-Sanctioned Criminal Violence (illegal use of force by the police), and
2) Community Criminal Violence (when a community is preyed upon by individual members of that community).
Each of these types of violence must be addressed differently because the possible solutions to resolving them are different.

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Did State Attorney Jeff Ashton Connive With UCF Administrators To Revoke Chad Cronon's White Privilege Card?

JeffAshton 100 UCF 100

by Lawrence A. Robinson
Chad Cronon was an instructor of legal studies at the University of Central Florida. He also practices law privately.

I met Chad when my political support team needed an attorney to file an injunction against an opponent candidate who was a well known, establishment and status quo, Black attorney who was running for City Council in his mother's shadow.

We wanted a Black attorney to file the injunction, but could not find one who would take the case. Chad Cronon decided to take the case. Chad was white and had tried cases against government entities and won. I advised him of the issues that Black attorneys face in this type of situation, but Chad was confident that he would be triumphant and there would be no issue.

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Thank You Aramis Ayala, WE Won

Aramis celebrating winBy Attorney Camara Williams, Esq.
Last night was extremely gratifying for me. My good friend Aramis Donell Ayala was elected not ONLY as the first black prosecutor in Florida history. She is the first black female prosecutor in the south. History was made last night.

But that is not even the most gratifying part. She (we) started out with literally a handful of supporters. There was no big loud thunderous movement in the beginning. It simply started out with a group of friends who saw something special in a person and encouraged her to run.

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 NatalieJackson100  NoelCarter trial 100

High Profile Attorney Natalie Jackson received a message from her client, police brutality victim, Noel Carter. Attorney Jackson allowed Community Steeple to publish this message.

(Below is a text message I received from Noel Carter late last night after the trial was over and the jury said he was guilty of battering the police officers who were caught on video abusing him.

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