Rachel Dolezal - White or Black, Black or White, I See You

Rachel Dolezal black whiteby James DeShay
I never know how to leave well enough alone. I asked a question and a number of you gave me an answer. Now I have to give my two cents. With that said let me give you some needed information. I love me some me; who I am I? I am a proud Black Man; born and raised in the United States of America.

I use the term Black Man because it runs deep below the surface of my skin. It creates a pain I can't describe every time I read a story that leaves a Black Man helplessly on the streets of the United States. A pain every time I am told to keep my mouth close or lose the Middle Class position I worked hard to obtain.

The story of Rachel Dolezal is much deeper than the deception created by her changing her hair and

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skin color. It speaks to the rules that still exist to keep Black Men from being truly proud of their color. We throw words like brave and hero at any act of courage that drip from a human without looking intensely at the sacrifice being made by the individual. Rachel Dolezal went against the grain of the social standards. What fool given the gift to be white in America would select to be a person of color. You and I both know people(celebrities and common folk) who would defect from the black race like a swarm of bees; If given the opportunity. They spend their lives trying to erase every ethnic characteristic of their race. Some black people have gone so far as creating new races in order not to be identified with blacks.

Rachel Dolezal at some point in her life decided she felt more comfortable being a Black American. Despite what many of you said it was done after graduated school. So she didn't take money from a deserving black student. She even displayed a lot of fight in her spirit as a white woman by taking on Howard University in a law suit. So the change was completed after graduate school. This was the chance for her to take advantage of her white privilege and get a job. I have no idea when but at some point Rachel decided "I am all in". She married a black man. Going far beyond the universal joke once you go black you never go back. Rachel chanced everything she possible could to make the transformation. She could have found a position some where like many of us do and enjoy being black in silence.

Rachel Dolezal choice was to take on the very race of people she defected from decades ago. Upsetting not only White America but her biological parents. What loving and caring parents do you know that would out their own daughter in this type situation. She was happy with the life she had created. The people around her had rewarded her for the work she had done over the years. Ask yourself why did her parents feel the need to publicly destroy their child. Are they hoping she will return to White America? What are the chances of that? Do you know why once you go black why you never go back because White Americans will not have you back. Over the years Black people have always shown love to all people. We accept White America throwaway with open arms. Have you ever heard a black person not want to accepting a person with any amount of black blood running through their veins. White America don't even try to pull mixed people back to their side; no matter how famous they might be.

Rachel Dolezal should be considered an asset to Black America. If more White Americans would take the time to know us the way she did we might not have unarmed black men being killed in the street by white police officers daily. If White America would embrace us the way Rachel did the black unemployment rate would not be twice that of White America. If they would just listen like she did they might hear the cries from our past asking to let the American Dream be true for everyone and not just true for those with white skin. Rachel Dolezal told a lie for a few decades; America has been lying for hundreds of years. I would forgive her lie in a heartbeat. America when will you ask for forgiveness. When will you take the blinders off your eyes and see the devastation you have created in the black community.

Rachel if you are willing to be a proud Black Woman knowing the hell we have endured during the last 200 plus years at the hands of your race; I am more than willing to accept you. I would not change the color of my skin for all the tea in China because I love me some me. No matter the hardship that come with being a proud Black Man; I wake up every morning thanking the Lord for the opportunity to fight the battle of this journey. Anyone willing to fight a long side of me will be considered a friend no matter how you became a person of color.

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