Shut Up, Get Up and Go Vote

AllieBraswell 4By Allie Braswell
We can't talk about wanting better representation for our community, more engagement from our elected officials in our neighborhoods and increased resource availability, then not exercise the right our ancestors fought and died to have granted.

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Yeah, You Still Black

GeraldineThompson son 201By Geraldine Thompson - Florida House of Representatives
My middle child is a son. He grew up in House District 44 and graduated from West Orange High School where he was Class President. He is college educated, a professional, a husband and a father. He has no criminal record and works to improve the lives of people in the community where he lives.

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Why Are Mayor's Jerry Demings and Buddy Dyer Limiting COVID-19 Testing In Black Communities?

JerryDemings 100 BuddyDyer tan100

By Lawrence A Robinson
It is all over the media that Black people have higher mortality rates than others for COVID-19. The most vulnerable are the elderly, as well as people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory illness, high blood pressure and cancer, are at increased risk for serious illness from the Corona Virus. It is well known that a very high percentage of the Black population has these medical conditions. So why would Mayor Demings and Mayor Dyer limit Corona Virus testing in the Black community?

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Ernest Page - Political Leader and Orlando’s First Black Mayor ONYX Publisher’s Award

ErnestPage raw2“The Virtues of Fortitude and Temperance are the foundation for a happy and successful life.”

Politician, civic leader, entrepreneur, Mayor Ernest Page has been one of Orlando’s most influential leaders over the past three decades. Born in Orlando to the Rev. Edoras Page, and AME minister, and Arizona Page, he graduated from Jones High School. Page earned his bachelor’s degree at Morehouse College and completed post graduate studies at Atlanta University in mathematics and Nova University in business administration. Since then, he has been actively involved in advocating for achievement in education, civil and human rights, and social and economic justice.

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That's No Way To Mentor a Child

GeorgeRobinsonJr      So, I remember when I was about 3 or 4 years old, I wasn't allowed to do many chores around the house. I couldn't try new things without my mom, my dad or an older sibling by my side. I remember being very young, and my brother Lorenzo, who was about 18 months older than me, took the responsibility of fixing my milk bottle while telling me how to do it. Was he mentoring me?
      I was the fifth of six siblings and still asking momma to find my other sock. Whether my needs included fixing me a sandwich or pouring me a glass of juice or pulling a splinter out of my foot, there was always momma or a sibling there to help, whether they wanted to help or not.

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White People Allowed and Encouraged Trump

JamesDeshay BeardJames T. DeShay
It is my desire that White America does not find my comments to be racist; but it is important that I hold the right group accountable for their election choice. It is my belief that White America hated Hillary Clinton and her family so much that they were willing to throw our country in the hands of thieves. Please give me the same freedoms that White American extends to Donald Trump. 
The truth has been absent from the lips of Donald Trump, long before he was running for President of the United States. He has been allowed to say anything without there being a shred of truth. Those that support him don't require him to be honest as long as he is willing to degrade the character of his opponents. 
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