The Legacy Of African Americans

Ersula1by Lawrence A. Robinson
Interesting. I just received a book from one of my brothers, who still lives in Tampa. The book is titled, 'African Americans Of Tampa'. This is a historical picture book of Tampa and Hillsborough County, Fl. of how Black people, their events and their activities influenced growth and changes in the area. It chronicled the struggles, the wins and losses of 'Negro' life in Florida's 'City by the Bay.'

My family appears in the book several times. There is even an image of me as a toddler, when I was cute and lovable.

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The Hope And Vision Of Derrick Wallace

DerrickWallaceIntroduction by Lawrence A. Robinson

Derrick Wallace called me late one evening about two years ago, introduced himself and then asked me if I knew who he was.  At that point in time, he and I had never formally met.  I knew of him and actually years earlier, I was part of the transition team moving into leadership of the Orange County NAACP as he was moving out of that president's position.

During that phone call, two years ago, he asked me if I would support him. Before I could answer he ask me if there was any reason why I wouldn't support him. I quizzed him on an issue that I knew he had been involved in and asked for clarification.

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My Future Will Be The Benefactor Of The New Me

theFutureby James DeShay
Written this first day of January 1, 2015

The world that I have grow accustom to
must change because it will not prosper
in the new world I plan to make my new
home. After living in a place that did not
match my spirit I decided it was time to close
the door of the past.

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The Christmas Day 'Sibling' Award



by Lawrence A. Robinson
Christmas Day 9:45 p.m.
So I just got back from my brothers house in Lakeland. For almost 30 years, my siblings, all six of us and our individual families would meet in Lakeland for Christmas. My youngest sibling is 62 years old and my oldest sibling is 72 years old.

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Questioning Janice Dickinson Rape Story

Janice Dickerson Bill Cosby, photo property of TMZby LaDonna Smith
I have read this account amongst other headlines regarding Mr. Cosby and I have a problem with her story ,here's why:

The pictures were put out I guess to validate her account and the writer of the accompanying article suggests that she took the pictures as she was slipping into the unconsciousness.

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