Martin Luther King Speaks

MLK Monumentby James T. DeShay
When I once lived I stood on the shoulders
of giants; who gave me the insight to start
the process to free millions from the strongest
type of enslavement imaginable. The grip was
crippling both physically and mentally. The
indoctrination to embrace the status quo was

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In 2015 Racism is a Secret that is Kept Quiet in America

RacismBy Roger Caldwell
As the summer heats up in America, the reality of racism must be discussed and acknowledged as a problem in the country. With the death and killing of Black men and women, race can no longer be ignored as a problem that has been fixed or disappeared during the Obama presidency. Racism is systemic and fundamental to the history of the United States, and the treatment of Blacks and people of color has not fundamentally changed in 2015. White supremacy makes the rules, and everyone is expected to follow.

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Rachel Dolezal - White or Black, Black or White, I See You

Rachel Dolezal black whiteby James DeShay
I never know how to leave well enough alone. I asked a question and a number of you gave me an answer. Now I have to give my two cents. With that said let me give you some needed information. I love me some me; who I am I? I am a proud Black Man; born and raised in the United States of America.

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BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community: Prologue

bootstraps 200


by Urban Community Research
There is an old saying that many people have heard from their parents, grandparents or other elders in the Black community for many generations …"PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOT·STRAPS". This phrase was usually spoken when providing constructive criticism or strong words of advice (also referred to as tough love), to someone who had fallen on hard times, going through difficult circumstances of some kind, either physically, emotionally or financially.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon Turned Their Hatred For Blacks Into A Happy Jingle

SigmaAlphaEpsilonby James DeShay
As horrific as that chant might sound, it is the heart felt belief of a large segment of White Americans. Just because it is 2015 and we have elected an African American twice, does not change the attitude of those in White America that hate African Americans. It is the same individual who doesn't feel an empathy for the families and friends that lost a family member to police violence.

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