There is a New Sheriff in Town at the Securities Exchange Commission

SEC LogoThe Security Exchange Commission is a federal regulatory agency that is designed to protect investors and eliminate insider trading, accounting fraud, and misleading information about securities. Stock market trading is a risky business and the SEC keeps things fair and transparent for large and small investors. Each year the SEC brings hundreds of civil enforcement actions against individuals and companies for violation of the securities laws.

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Is Rick Scott Less Wealthy Since Becoming Governor?

RICK SCOTT LAUGHINGGovernor Scott is the richest governor in Florida’s history, and he accepts no salary and he travels in own personal jet. This year he purchased a new jet and there are no financial records, because it is not in his name. The legislature was extremely happy about the new ethics law that Scott signed, but no one feels there should be a financial disclosure, when the governor rides around in a new plane.

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2013 Florida Legislature Leaves $51 Billion on Federal Table

Florida legislature The President of the Florida Senate Don Gaetz (R-Niceville) and Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford (R-Wesley Chapel) would like to congratulate the 2013 Florida Legislature for an historic session that was extremely productive and transformational. I am always amazed by the level of bills that are introduced and passed in 60 days by the Florida Legislature. At this point I am still wondering if this is enough time to get the job done properly, because our governor has signed over 20 bills and most Floridians don’t have any idea who they will help or hurt. 

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Supreme Court Blindsides Minorities Blocking Parts of Voter Rights Act

supreme courtAs an African American, I would unequivocally acknowledge that conditions have improved and changed for Black people since the sixties. There is a Black president and family in the White House, and there are more Black mayors and local/state politicians than ever before in the history of the country. These are irrefutable facts and it appears that America is turning the corner, and Blacks should be content and satisfied.

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2013 Florida Legislative Session Failed on Many Key Issues

Florida teacher pay raise

Governor Scott has been taking a victory lap around Florida because some of the teachers will receive a raise of $2,500 and state sales tax on new manufacturing equipment has been eliminated. Each school district will determine the requirements to qualify for the raise and many teachers believe they won’t receive any money. They think that many of the superintendents will create too many hoops to jump through to qualify for the raise.

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