The Shut Down: So That We All Clearly Understand....

ShutDown1This is an Unprecedented Move by the 1%: A de-facto Coup d'état occurred in the United States on 10/1/2013 and Anarchy has replaced Democracy with an Oligarchical Plutocracy as the “New” American political identity.

The historians will surely note that on that date, the Ultra-Right wing element of the Tea Party ( Led by Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz) exerted its control over and did take, in effect and as a practical matter , control of the Greedy Obsolete Party.

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Governor Scott Urged to Accept $51Billion in Federal Funding

LWVJim Burkhart, President of Tampa General Hospital with many distinguished business leaders, and Deirde Macnab, President of the League of Women Voters of Florida, said to the governor at a press conference last week, “Sit down with us and work with us and let’s work out a solution.” I guess this is the highest level of politics, because I don’t understand how people in Florida can be so patient. 

I was always one who believed in mobilizing and organizing the grassroots, and putting political pressure on our legislators. In Washington D.C. where I went to college, we were taught to write letters, sign petitions, organize churches, partner with political organizations, and call our representatives until there was a response from our elected officials.

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DaisyLynum1I believe the public, at this juncture, has a right to ask:
"What have YOU done for us, lately--OR at any time?"

By Paula Denise, Community Advocate & Educator

This writer would prefer to believe Commissioner Lynum to be a very decent person in private life but knowledge is limited only to public office, through public activities like many of her constituents. The latter is what I will attempt to address from collective community comments by district members.


Press Release- 21% Pay Raise - Orlando City Council

CynthiaHarrisOrlando, Florida – September 23, 2013 – Today, Cynthia Harris, Candidate for Orlando City Commissioner District 5, released a statement regarding the City Council’s vote to give itself a 21% raise.

City Council members recently voted to give themselves a 21% increase in salary while only approving a 3% increase for other City Employees. Although, the City Council voted not to give themselves an increase in both 2008 and 2009, nothing indicates any significant rationale for an increase now, Harris stated. The decision to serve the public in a Public Service role, by design, should be more about sacrifice than self. The question is how will a 21% increase benefit the taxpayers? If it doesn’t then it is probably the belief of public opinion that 3% should be across the board. The City will give employees a 3% raise, but with higher medical insurance cost it does not equate to the cost of living said Harris.

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It's Hard Being Black and the President of the United States

Obama WorriedMany in the media are claiming that the past week for the president was one of his longest and hardest. President Obama has always been considered a Teflon president, and he was able to slide out of problems. But the Syria challenge and airstrikes has kept the president and his administration in a paralyzing entanglement that has slowed his domestic agenda and policies.

President Obama may argue that his partnership with Russia was always on the table, and by moving slowly with his decision making on airstrikes, the agreement between the two countries was finalized.

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