Mayoral Candidate Paul Paulson Says, "It's Okay To Be BLACK In Orlando!"

PaulPaulson waveA Community Steeple interview with Mayoral Candidate Paul Paulson
Paul Paulson made some astounding statements during an interview with CommunitySteeple.

Mr. Paulson made statements concerning Black issues, issues that are normally ignored by other politicians, Black or white. Some of his ideas about the Black community goes totally against the statue-quo. Is Paul Paulson really willing to fight the system to help Black people? Heck No! Of course not!

Paul Paulson told the interviewer (paraphrased), 'If I were Mayor of Orlando, I would let Black people know that it is all right to be Black in Orlando." Black people would know, that it is okay, to pursue happiness in their own culture, just as the Asians, Chinese, Koreans and other ethnic groups do.

Unlike Buddy Dyer, Mr. Paulson is willing to work with 'real' Black advocacy groups to improve the living

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conditions of the citizens. Some organizations and agencies that should focus on Black issues, are neglecting the community and allowing city hall to destroy the neighborhoods and disrupt the lives of the residents.

"I think that it is okay for Black people to organize and advocate for change. As Mayor, I will work with organized groups whose focus is to improve the lives of the people in the community. Mayor Dyer has failed Black people by holding hostage the very agencies whose mission it is to support the Black community."

Paulson said, "If I were Mayor of Orlando, people would know that walking or driving while Black is not a crime, and would not be treated as such. It's okay to be Black in Orlando without worry of being harassed by police. Buddy Dyer has failed the Black people by allowing Orlando Police Department to brutalize Black citizens at will. I will create a citizen review board that has some real authority to deal with police and community issues."

The African American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida (AACCCF) has a total of about 450 Black business members. According to the census, there are over 12,000 Black owned businesses in Orange County alone. The AACCCF represents less than 4% of Orange County Black businesses. This chamber is not being held accountable, and they are supported by the City of Orlando. As Mayor of Orlando, Paul Paulson will support the rights of Black business owners to aggressively form a chamber that will in fact, support the growth and stability of Black businesses.

"Just imagine, if the Black businesses in Orange County was supported enough to the point that each could hire just one Black person. That hiring would just about solve the Black unemployment problem in Orange County. I will support those efforts to accomplish this."

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"It is okay for Black people to start and grow businesses. Black consumers supporting Black owned businesses is not only okay, but encouraged. Black people supporting Black entrepreneurs will increase the financial stability of the Black community because money will stay in the community longer. When the Black community flourishes, the whole city prospers."

"I would tell the Black people that it is okay to run your Black owned businesses in Orlando without worrying about the city blocking your progress. I would never construct a fence down the middle of town to herd potential customers away from you, in the manner that Buddy Dyer did during the 2012 NBA All Star Game. I would never cut the working hours of FAMU/BCC Classic vendors and substantially limite their ability to earn income during this major Black event in the manner that Buddy Dyer did. Mayor Dyer should really be ashamed for his actions against Black businesses."

As Mayor of Orlando, I would tell Black people that it is okay to organize for your own benefit.

"It is okay to organize and advocate for justice in the court room and jury room. It is not fair that Black people are given sentences that are more harsh and much longer than others for the same offenses. I will support efforts to achieve fairness in the justice system." "

"I agree that police brutality and harassment against Blacks is out of hand. The Orange County NAACP and the African American Council of Christian Clergy should be held accountable for their handling of a high visibility Orlando Police Department situation. These organizations should be more supportive of their community."

"I would tell Black people that it is okay to organize and advocate for fair neighborhood schools and education. Parents are my constituents and I am obligated to support them. I would tell Black people that it is okay to hold the school board accountable. Great neighborhood schools make great neighborhoods. It is okay for the parents of Black school aged kids to expect fair treatment in our school system and not be expelled or suspended at a rate alarmingly higher than others. As Mayor, I would support the parents who want great neighborhood schools and the fair treatment of their sons and daughters."

The bottom line is Paul Paulson will not to put on his 'Superman' outfit and fight the system for Black people. Paul Paulson will remove the stumbling blocks to success put in the path of Black folk. He is willing to create a path full of opportunity that will allow Blacks to flourish and prosper and he will provide tools and favorable and advantageous circumstances that levels the economical playing field.

Candidate Paulson is willing to remove obstacles that hinder Black people from grasping the 'bootstraps' that are needed to pull themselves up.

Mayor Dyer has worked hard to hurt Black people in The City Beautiful. It is definitely time for a change in leadership in Orlando. It is time for Paul Paulson. 

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