Introducing Nathan Chambers

NathanChambers head1October 25, 2015
Nathan Chambers, a 25-year resident of District 6, is one of 5 candidates seeking the position of City Commissioner for District 6. Chambers has been a dedicated and successful small business owner and real estate agent for over thirty years.


Chamber's campaign will emphasize the need for jobs, community improvement and new leadership in District 6. "The residents of District 6 deserve representation that speaks to the basic needs of the every neighborhood in the district. Safe neighborhoods, affordable housing and jobs that provide a meaningful wage are the keys to growth in the District," Chambers said.

Over the past 4 months, the Chambers' campaign has knocked on over 3,500 doors and lived called over 5,000 voters in the district. He has strong views about what it will take to win. "We are going to run a campaign of integrity that speaks to the concerns of the residents of District 6. We will challenge the "get-along" leadership that is no longer effective. He also believes elected office is not a life time position and has pledged not to serve more than two terms."

For more information, contact at (407) 770-9472.


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