The 'Donald' Endorsement? Look At The Bigger Issue

BridgetNorvell Headwrapby Pastor Bridget Hanse Norvell
My comment about the ministers supporting Donald Trump; I have NO comment, BUT I do have a few words of WISDOM. See the bigger picture!!!


I have heard many people argue about this and all I can say is; now is the time for the people of GOD (The BODY OF CHRIST) to know the true and living GOD. (read the parable of Matthew 13:24-30 THE WHEAT AND TARES)


Many of us are guilty of depending on the governments financial systems and not God's principles. We have been programmed to rely on the government for food stamps, medical insurance, housing, cash benefits, economical development, and more. The initial reason was to help the less fortunate; but it turned into dependency, greed, control (over others, and somewhere down the line we eventually gave away all our rights), and we made the government our Idol. Now, taking on a lifestyle of generational patterns and other fear based tactics.

The system is designed to program people to depend on them. Well, if this person is elected into office, the dependency of government being your source might just be over. Think about it; Could God be giving us the ultimate warning (speaking in the loud speaker?) Is it time to now practice the Kingdom principles and his righteousness and all shall be added to us? Living the word of scriptural principles and not just quoting it?

Well, the time might just be here... If this man is elected into office we might not have any choice but to now 'stand on God's word, the word we say we believe!!!

JESUS!!! "We might just be ready to follow the path we are suppose to walk! And for those who don't know this walk, the doors are open!!


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