About - Community Steeple Media

     Is the parent company of several online entities including a newsmagazine and a business directory. Community Steeple Media, (CSM), supports the Central Florida Black community in any and all means necessary, to move the community forward.

     To be the premiere resource referral center for the Central Florida Black political, social and entrepreneurial community.

     Through enhanced collaborative and partnership efforts with politicians, social activists and entrepreneurs, Community Steeple Media, LLC will emerge as the "go-to" centralized information and connection source of the Greater-Orlando Black community.
     By having a continual finger-on-the-pulse of the historical and transitioning Black community, as well as input from constituents, CSM will provide forward-thinking media services to aid in the evolution and elevation of Black business owners.
     CSM will employ high-caliber, forward-thinking team members equipped with high level business acumen, as well as provide focused and sensitive to our customer needs.
     CSM will continually examine in our business brand, products, programs and services to ensure alignment with needs of those we serve.

1. COMMUNICATION: We believe in delivering clear and effective communication -- verbally, in writing and through our actions.
     While the preferred mode of communication is 'face-to-face', we understand the critical need to provide diversified communication options via various communication channels and media. We also believe listening is the essential element in building strong and on-going positive relationships. We are committed to first seeking to understand those we service and interact with; and secondly to be understood.

2. HERITAGE: The ancestors of African Americans brought many wonderful traditions to U.S., parts of the Caribbean as well as South America. We believe in honoring our African heritage and forefathers.
     Continual acknowledgment and celebration of the achievements of African Americans will be a mainstay and essential for the growth, understanding and enrichment of our community.

3. INTEGRITY: We believe that integrity is demonstrated through respect, honesty, and trustworthiness. We are passionate that our forthright words are honorable and reinforced and demonstrated through our communication and actions.
     We purpose ourselves to always demonstrate exemplary conduct whether communicating internally with our team members or externally with community constituents, clients, vendors or prospects.

4. EXCELLENCE: We believe that excellence is demonstrated tangibly and intangibly through CSM's products and services. We will continually examine our information, programs, products and services to ensure high-caliber work. We also believe in demonstrating excellence through "walking out our talk".
     Therefore, we will seek feedback from others in order to continually grow and improve for the betterment and benefit of ourselves, those we service, as well as our community at-large.

5. COLLABORATION: We understand it takes a team to achieve the dream. Therefore, we believe in effectively and harmoniously leveraging the talents, skills and abilities of our team members, business partners and our community to ultimately provide our clients with
extraordinary service.

6. INNOVATION: We believe in being on the cutting edge of technology, programs and activities. We will continuously be forward thinking and innovative by being on-going learners, never fearing the future, encouraging and testing the new, allowing risk-taking, delegating authority to others, sharing best practices, and remaining unified through our organizational vision.

WHO IS Lawrence A Robinson?
I am educated, motivated, aggressive.
I work because I want to give back to the community.
I consider myself an expert at vision. I can see the future then create it.

I need to go to the next level in accountability and self-discipline.
I need others to help me work the details.

I get paid to create a better future.

My top pet peeve is foolishness.
My top idiosyncrasy is I believe everyone should think like me.