Hoodwinked, By The Orange County School Board and Our Own Leaders

RichmondHtsSmlSo once again, we are hoodwinked into believing that we should give up what is truly needed in our community so that others can have what they want in theirs. They decided that we should double up or combined two of our schools while not caring about the hardships and burdens that kind of move will put on the parents of those kids.


Richmond Heights Elementary was closed by the Orange County School Board for no reason at all. They said that it was because of low enrollment. They don't tell you that they planned the low enrollment by busing our kids out of the neighborhood to other schools.

They said that it is because of no technology. Isn't it the responsibility of the school board to maintain equal technology in all schools? The school board planned the lack of technology at Richmond Heights Elementary as a reason to close it. The lack of technology at Richmond Heights Elementary is a planned lie.

They said the building is old. So why are they moving kids to an even older school? Eccleston Elementary School has older buildings than does Richmond Heights Elementary School.

In 2002, the Orange County School Board said that they would build or rebuild Richmond Heights Elementary if we pass a new tax. We did pass that tax. So now, with that money in their back pockets, they say that they don't have enough money on hand to build Richmond Heights Elementary. The fact is that Orange County School Board has over 35 million dollars in surplus money, even after giving Dr. Phillips High School 50 million dollars.

So now they want us to believe that closing Richmond Heights Elementary is the best thing for us. To convince and control us, they give a carnival for the kids, bring out our own talking head leaders, give us a few trinkets and we are smiling like field slaves with a gift pig to slaughter. We have been hoodwinked again and our own leaders are destroying us and our community while they sit in the master's house peeking out the window.