It's Agreed, The Orange County School Board Is The Cause of School Failure

ClintonSalterThe article, "Is Orange County School Board Causing Schools To Fail?," was published not long ago in Since then, there has been numerous comments about the article on various social media.

Most of the people who commented thought that the Orange County School Board was doing a very poor job administered equal and fair policy to Black or less affluent neighborhoods versus non-Black or more affluent communities.

The Orange County School Board regulates the expenditure of hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payer money every year but it is agreed that little of this money stay in the community that needs it most.

Here are comments from two active community residents. They are expressing their own opinions on this very important question, 'Is Orange County School Board Causing Schools To Fail?'

Clinton Salter: Education is a partnership, between the schools, teachers, parents, students, and the community at large. All have a responsibility. Parents and students expect everything from the teachers and they should.

However, the burden of creating successful students is supposed to be shared between all the partners. There are challenges to urban education management but there has to be the 'will' to implement the necessary strategies for successful schools.

OCPS must attempt to provide a middle class quality education, where ethnic students live. Intervention in the urban schools such as, early learning, lags behind the suburban school student's advantages due to household incomes. Solutions have been offered and dialogue has been attempted but the School District board and chairman seem indifferent to the disparities in education.

The effects of ignoring the educational discrepancies within Orange County, generates policy regarding the zoning of students out of urban community schools, and in turn result in costly school closings.

Original Article: Is The Orange County School Board Causing Schools To Fail? 

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William Burrell: Yes they are, look let's face it, we've got a bunch of republicans running the school board, along with Bill Sublette (school board chairman). These people have no intention of fixing the education system, that they've broken over the years. FCAT was a tremendous failure, then they introduce common core, which is still nothing more than teaching to a test, FCAT, then common core. The only way to avoid this is to stop their attempts to privatize public education. We also need to stop the charter schools, the vouchers, and the online schools because they are killing our communities!

William Burrell (cont.): True, there is a responsibility on all sides, but when the kinds of cuts in education continue year after year, there is bound to be a profound effect! On top of that, even before the great recession hours for workers were being cut, along with outsourcing people are out working two, and in some case three jobs just to keep a roof over their families heads!

I listen to the word challenges to urban education management, that kind of language sound like someone pushing charter school, vouchers, and online schooling, someone who was pushing such failed ideas such as FCAT now they've gone on to common core, which I predict will be just as big a failure as the FCAT. There needs to be an equalization of education, everyone knows there are differences between schools in Orange County, but that has been allowed, and fostered by the school board, and certain others in the private sector! Why is it that in certain area's you'll have nothing but A and B schools? In other areas there is gross negligence, mediocrity, and teachers you wouldn't allow in these A, and B, schools; why is that?

Our educational system has been on the decline for years. In the meanwhile the vultures are moving in for the kill on PUBLIC EDUCATION. They are selling it out bit by bit to the private sector. Yes, I most definitely beg to differ with some folk assessment of the situation, and solutions! I'm sorry for my feeling, but I'm not the only one who sees it like this. The truth is the truth, no matter what kind of falsehood should be place on the situation of education!