Chairman Sublette Recommends New Orange County School Board Pawn

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By Juan Elridge
Linda Kobert (Bill Sublette's candidate for the Orange County School Board District 3 seat) is another possible pawn on Chairman Sublette's chessboard to destroy historically black schools in Orlando.

The current targets are Richmond Heights and Jones High. Sublette deafly allowed, pawn Kat Gordon to orchestrate the vote to close Richmond Heights Elementary School. Notice, Sublette voted against the closing. He knew the rock was being thrown so he had no reason to show his hand.

The main reason for the closing vote was the budget. And budget is Linda Kobert.

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This elitist, Linda Kobert, is financed by special interest lawyers. Now you may ask yourself, why do lawyers care about schools?

Well, in Linda Kobert's world, schools are not institutions to teach children. Schools are piggy banks for businesses. Check her website. The top items on her website are the numbers. She lists:

187,193 students,
13,084 teachers,
986 administrators,
7,789 employees and
a $3,700,000,000 annual budget.

The bottom line is $3.7 billion annual budget. That is a lot of purchasing power. Law firms are connected at every step. Every deal is a contract and a lot of money is farmed out to law firms even though the school board has its own lawyers.

Linda Kobert is proud to tell you that she has been professional community activist for over the past 10 years. And what has she professionally activated? She has established four nonprofit organizations related to school operations. Money, money, money and money.

Back to Chairman Sublette. Sublette is creating a whole new educational paradigm in Orlando. It is one geared towards educating the right community and eliminating the wrong community. Think back to the creation of the John Young Parkway monster. It ran through our community like a Sherman Tank advancing through Georgia.

This is what Sublette is executing. And every chess master must have pawns on the board to move at will. Linda Kobert's opponents, Chadwick Hardee and Regina Hellinger will not play by Sublette's rules. Thus he has privately endorsed Linda Kobert and quietly let the money boys know she is the one to fund.

Voters, especially we the voters on the wrong side of the track must be mindful of the team Sublette is putting together. If we are not careful, we will wake up one day and there will not be one historically black public school in our communities. Our children will become the orphans of other community schools with no place to call home.