Does The Orange County School Board Supports Feeding Black Kids To Alligators?

ReginaHellingerby Lawrence A. Robinson
Orange County School Board Candidate for District 3, Regina Hellinger, recently walked, 'Gator Alley' to learn of the dangers faced by elementary school kids on their path to Eagles Nest Elementary.

The mis-education of our youth has been a concern of parents in the Orange County School District for years. The school board seems to change standards, schedules and guidelines on a regular basis with very little input or regard of consequence for parents, students or teachers and school administrations.


There seems to be an even greater disconnect between the Orange County School Board and the lower income communities. The school board will provide safe, scheduled busing and crossings guards, for students traveling to and within other communities, but there are very few safeguards for the poorer children of the district.

Black kids walk along Kirkman Road, which is a very busy highway, on their path to and from Eagles

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Nest Elementary School. They are not bused and there is a serious lack of crossing guards for these children as they dangerously cross the six to eight lanes of traffic.

Eagle Nest Elementary School's administrators also mandates that some children from Carver Shores neighborhood, walk the very dangerous 'Gator Alley' to get to and from school. 'Gator Alley' is a mile long path which is secluded from public view by a gator swamp on one side and woods on the other side. Some say that there are as many as twenty alligators in this lake.

To date, there are only two school board candidates and zero elected officials that have walked the path to understand what our children are going through.

Two years ago, Michael Smith was running for School Board Representative for District 5 to replace Kat Gordon. Michael Smith walked the path. Kat Gordon, who is still a member of the Orange County School Board, knows of the snakes and alligators along this path but choose to do nothing about the path that our children must walk.

A few weeks ago, a bull dog was attacked and killed by an alligator while playing along this path.  That was the second time in recent memory that a dog was attacked and killed by an alligator along this path.

Regina Hellinger, a candidate for Orange County School Board District 3, decided to walk the path to better understand the plight of our elementary school boys and girls as they walk their morning journey to gain an education.

Ms. Hellinger quickly noticed the added dangers caused by several blind spots along the walk that our children must face. She said that she would never allow her children to walk that path and something must be done.

 Here are some images of the path and Regina Hellinger's comments. 

Candidate Hellinger is very concern about the alligators and snakes on one side of the path and woods where possible homeless people may be living on the other. To even suggest that 5 an 6 year old children walking this path is safe is just ludicrous. 

Regina Hellinger thinks this is a travesty and will never allow this to happen in her district. She is bold enough to challenge the powers that be to change the status quo. Bill Sublette and Linda Kolbert could learn a thing or two from candidate Regina Hellinger. Regina Hellinger cares for all the children in every district of Orange County, not just the children of the elite.


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