Black Women Hair Care 101 - “If We Only Knew”

Long Black HairI was sitting in the hair salon when I heard a hair stylist tell her client, “ I think shoulder length hair is a healthy length for black women.” I was shocked by her comment, wondering what her remark would have been if her client were white.

If we were to learn how to take care of our hair, then we will learn how to love and appreciate our hair.

Black girls are processing their natural texture and adding extensions at a young age; aspiring to have a different hair type, hair length and overall different look from which they were born, creating a negative disposition of being ugly or not good enough.

The truth is all hair grows, whether chemically treated or not. Hair grows at an average of at least ½ inch monthly and has the make up of keratin, collagen and protein with long chains of amino acids. Therefore growing hair is not the issue, retaining hair growth is the challenge.

For black hair that is relaxed or with kinks and coils, keeping our hair moisturized and paying attention to the ends of our hair is key. Due to the pattern of our hair, more moisture is released compared to moisture maintained, which is the reason our hair tends to be dry and brittle. Although hair fall out is natural, hair breakage is not. Upon implementing a hair regimen for yourself, you will see and feel a dramatic change and are able to reverse the condition and improve the overall state of your hair.

There are a number of youtube channels, web blogs and forums dedicated to the discussion of black hair that will help you with understanding hair jargon, products and chemicals to avoid, and additional pointers that will help you achieve healthy hair. Many black women who have documented there experiences are sharing their testimonials online, providing endless amounts of knowledge and information.
Using the terms, ‘hair journey’ and ‘hair regimen’ seems soDredLocs over exaggerated and dramatic, but they are extremely accurate. It is a process of research, trial and error, and exercising patience. Once you have staple products to use and have a set hair care schedule for yourself, you will experience the results you have been longing for.

Here are some key notes for healthy hair care:
Wash hair often. Determine how often to cleanse your scalp and hair by your preference without going longer than 10 to 14 days. Pre-poo your hair and in between washing your hair with a moisturizing or clarifying shampoo, try co-washing your hair with your favorite conditioner at least once a week.

Maintain and conceal the ends of your hair. Moisturized your hair once to twice daily with a water based moisturizer. With the tips of your hair, work your way up the strands by sections. You should always comb your hair in the same manner as well. Seal your hair with your preferred extra virgin or organic oil, including avocado, olive or coconut oil. Trim split ends when necessary.
Start massaging your scalp. Massaging your scalp with oil(s) 2 to 5 times a week increases blood flow and circulation, which is said to stimulate hair growth. Massaging the scalp is practiced around the world to stimulate hair growth and has proven to be beneficial for centuries.

Find products that work best for you. You are going to hear about products that others swear by, but if it does not work for you, ditch it. Once you come across some that you love, keep them as your staple products to avoid wasting money.

Do not become discouraged. There will be set backs, bad hair days and popular products that fail. Learn how to embrace your hair. Remember your hair is a reflection of the amount of energy and love you put into it. Happy Hair Growing!

Product List:
Clarifying Shampoo
Moisturizing Shampoo
Hair Moisturizer (water based)
Extra Virgin or Organic Oil
Hair Conditioner
Deep Conditioner (commercial or DIY)
Protein Treatment

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