Millions Still Have Not Signed Up For ObamaCare. WHY NOT?

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According to information from the website (September 2014) there are still millions of eligible Americans who have not signed up yet. Maybe one of the main reasons is people just don't understand how to navigate around the website of the Exchange/Marketplace to see if they qualify because it can be quite confusing. The majority of citizens in this country are well aware that President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as ObamaCare) on March 23, 2010. This law was put in place in order to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance, and to reduce the growth in health care spending in the U.S.

This new Healthcare Reform Act offers a number of new benefits, which include more patients rights

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and protection that stops insurance companies from dropping patients when they are sick. It also stops insurance companies from making unjustified rate hikes and does away with life-time and annual limits. This law will also expand coverage to tens of millions, subsidize health insurance costs, requires all insurers to cover people with pre-existing conditions and so much more.

Did you know that over 15 million men, women and children will be eligible for Medicaid in State's that participate in Medicaid Expansion? "The fact is ObamaCare does not replace private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. ObamaCare helps to cover working families who don't have access to health insurance or are under-insured. Based on the latest statistics from the ObamaCare website "By June 2014, 60 percent of adults with new coverage through the marketplaces or Medicaid reported they had visited a doctor or hospital or filled a prescription; of these, 62 percent said they could not have accessed or afforded this care previously"

The Affordable Care Act is a some what complex system which includes the Exchange/Marketplace that was put into place by the Federal government. This process can seem overwhelming to many people, who may not understand what they are supposed to do to even get started. Although, many of ObamaCare's numerous provisions have already been enacted, the rest of the program continues to roll out until 2022. There are still a lot of major questions from many working class people, business owners and even self-employed entrepreneurs who have not signed up yet:

"How will ObamaCare affect me, my family or my business?" "How do I sign up?" "How do I know if I qualify?" "Will I suffer a penalty if I didn't sign up by the last deadline?"

This is why people who have questions about Health Care Reform need to talk with an expert on this process. A qualified Healthcare Reform Consultant, who can sit down face to face, answer all questions/concerns and assist in navigating the Exchange/Marketplace.

Contact Gwen Bennett Gray at 407-375-4494 (Toll Free: 1-800-504-0068) who is a Healthcare Reform Consultant/Agent who can answer ALL your questions! The Phoenix Associates Group, LLC is located at 306 Ocoee-Apopka Road, #5, Ocoee, Florida 34761

FYI: Ask Gwen Bennett Gray about the Open Enrollment for 2015 which starts November 15th, 2014 and ends February 15th, 2015. If you miss the annual open enrollment period, you may still have options. Individuals may qualify for special enrollment period outside of open enrollment if they experience certain qualifying life events. Learn what to do if you missed the ObamaCare deadline.


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