Has Trayvon Martin's Family Attorney, Natalie Jackson Reached Her Last Straw Against Orlando's Leaders Ignoring Police Brutality?

police Brutilityby Attorney Natalie Jackson
The filing of charges against Noel Carter should be our last straw!
It is time for the current elected officials to prove to the people who elected them that 'BlackLlivesMatter' to them…if they can't do that then we need to vote them out of office.


Enough waiting and enough listening to the Police Chief's, the Mayor's, the State Attorney's, and the City Council Members' excuses, lies, and empty pledges at these ridiculous panels and workshops on "community policing". It is time for them to listen to us!! They have shown us repeatedly that they will literally & figuratively stomp us in the head, shoot us, and kill us and then say we deserved it and it's our fault.

In every case of police brutality in Central Florida on a Person Of Color, the victim has been arrested

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and charged with the crime of battering their police abuser (even those on video)...what kind of justice is that?

The Police Chief, the Mayor, the City Commissioners, the State Attorney have all had many chances (not just Noel Carter) to show people of color that our concerns matter. Yet time and time again, when Orlando people of color come with concerns (on any issue), all these people do is call a "community meeting" or press conference to tell us to look at how fair they are while they continue to protect the status quo...what kind of leadership is that?

Orlando's Mayor (who hires the police chief), its city commissioners, and the Orange County State Attorney are all elected officials.

Orlando is over 50% Black & Latino. We need politician who care about our issues....ones who will care about Orlando's majority population issues, ones who will take a stand when something is wrong instead of just going with the flow, ones who are unbought and unbossed.
what we can do now:

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Orlando Police Department Is Out Of Control 


1) Form a Political PAC this week to allow people to contribute money anonymously in order to pool our campaign contributions to campaign for or against candidates.

2) Help register more Orlando People of Color residents to vote by Oct. 1st (they can register at the Driver License Office, Public Library, Center for Independent Living, WIC & DCF offices or at any elections office ).

3) Question & Vet current and aspiring politicians to see who has been most responsive to our issues in order to donate to and support those candidates...city elections are November 3, 2015...Mayor Dyer, District 2 Tony Ortiz (Curry Ford & Semoran area), District 4 Patty Sheehan (Lake Eola, Fern Creek, Millennia Mall area), District 6 Sam Ings (Richmond Heights, Carver Shores, Isles of Catalina area).


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