What Is The African American Economic Agenda?

It is now March 2013 and Black History month is over. Now what is our agenda for the 24/7, 365 days ahead?

Lack of focus and unity still plague us. The foreclosure rate in the Black community is still 80% higher than Whites. Black unemployment shot up from 13% - 14% but the true unemployment rate is closer to 30%. 26 million Blacks lost their jobs during the Great Recession of 2009, along with all the wealth gained since 1984.


Washington Post columnist, Courtland Milloy wrote: “Today, one in every 15 black men is incarcerated — that’s a 500 percent increase since 1986. The High School dropout rate at 60% places Blacks among the poorest students. The federal minimum wage is $7.25 yet nearly 7.7 million people are known as the “working poor” or workers who have incomes that put them below the poverty level line. You now have to have a JOB to “qualify” as “Broke” . 49 million people, 16% of the American population are now in poverty and 11 million are Black. Blacks are 13% of the population, but represent 28% of the poor population.

The largest number ever recorded, 32% of households headed by single women are poor. More than 5 million more women than men live in poverty. 300,000 Americans with Masters and Doctorate degrees receive food stamps. Yet the wealth gap has grown so wide that the average White American has 23 times more wealth than the average Black American.

These are only symptoms of a deep underlying problem in the Black community. We are at a crossroads.

One can choose to ignore these facts and take the Blue pill, go back to sleep by watching BET, American Idol, Sundays Best, Fake Housewives, or you can take the Red pill and WAKE UP!!!

For the brave Red pill takers , we must take steps to recapture our markets. RIGHT Education
is one of the keys. Six sciences we must learn and teach our children are:

(1). The Science of Family and Relationships
(2). Political and Military Science
(3). Agricultural Science
(4). The Science of Economics & International Finance
(5). Spiritual Science (NOT RELIGION)
(6). The Science of Diet & Nutrition

As an Economic Empowerment Advocate, I will be concentrating on #4, and touching on some Administrative Law. Entrepreneurial training must become an integral part of our education. How else will recapture the $1.1 trillion we are now spending each year. WE MUST PRODUCE WHAT WE CONSUME. The OWNERSHIP and CONTROL mentality must become common place among our people.

The revolution will not be televised, it will be taking place between your ears and what you reap from the pages of books.

Let the Blue pill takers continue to sleep. All I ask is that you stay out of our way. I can’t learn for you, I can only give you the tools and point the way !!!

Recommended reading: POWERNOMICS by Dr. Claud Anderson

Bro. Delano is the Exec. Dir. at the Pine Hills Community Development Corporation. Our mission Is to train residents in our community to Develop, Own and Operate our own businesses. He can be reached at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.