Church Group Says, "Let's Shop Local"

 The United Fellowship of Community Churches, Intl. supports the efforts of local merchants to continue to be viable businesses. Black retail and service businesses are suffering at a higher, unfair level because of the slow economy and minimal or negative support from government agencies. Black churches are failing financially because the congregation members are underemployed or unemployed and therefore their giving to the ministry is minimal if at all. Again, this could be attributed to the lack of support from local elected officials and leaders who are not able to attract those businesses to Black neighborhoods that pay a fair and livable wage.


We, The United Fellowship of Community Churches, Intl. Therefore, are very supportive of efforts to fairly promote the local businesses in our church organizations during meetings, events, services and other community focused activities.

Therefore, the purpose of this movement is to unite the local businesses with the local churches and promote their services, products and ministries to local residents. Local Black businesses will promote their products and services to local Black churches. Local Black churches will promote those local businesses to the congregations and neighborhoods. This is a win-win situation for everyone. The businesses will gain a larger dependable customer base and the money will stay in the Black community a little longer.

Two entities, and , will promote and facilitate these activities in association with The United Fellowship of Community Churches, Intl.

United, the community can survive and thrive and help to provide blessings to all who participate.

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Bishop Dr. L. O. Holt
Bishop F.L.Patton
Bishop K. Burke