It is Official Biden and Harris Running for another Term

RogerCaldwell 200By Roger Caldwell
It looks like a re-match with President Biden against President Trump, and the two old men look tired in their corner, but they are ready for the fight. Biden will be 82 and Trump will be 78, whoever wins the campaign in 2024. They both will be the oldest presidents in the history of the country and they both may need a wheelchair or walker to finish their term.

Both men are in excellent shape, and this campaign will be a test of their wills. Being one of the most powerful men on the planet, it is one of the hardest and most stressful jobs on the planet. Everyone knew that President Biden was going to run, but some Democrats thought the president would give a younger person a chance.

But Biden is stubborn, and he is doing a great job, even though the Republicans are saying he is doing a terrible job. On Tuesday 4-25-2023, President Biden announced he would seek another term as president of the United States.

“When I ran for president four years ago, I said we are in a battle for the soul of America. And we still are. The question we are facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer,” Biden said in a 3-minute video announcing his campaign for president.

As soon as Biden made it official, the Republicans began to attack the president on his age. “Biden likely won’t make it to the end of second term. He’s going to be dead in five years,” says Nikki Haley –Running for Republican of the United States president.

This was extremely mean to say, and the Republicans are not going to stop being ugly. “You could take the five worst presidents in America history and put them together and they would not have done the damage Joe Biden has done to our nation in just a few short years – not even close,” Trump said, citing among examples inflation, recent bank collapses and the rise of “woke” culture.

It is extremely hard to understand what Past President Trump is saying, but when he left office there was a recession, and hundreds of thousands of Americans were dying as a result of the pandemic.

Since Joe Biden has become president, he has stabilized the economy, and more Americans are working than ever before. White House spokesman Andrew Bates has told the media that Biden has made “historic progress” by enthusiastically welcomed the younger Americans.

Young voters in the last few elections have turned out in historic numbers. In 2020 during the Democratic primary the younger voters supported the oldest candidate in the race, Bernie Sanders. When Biden won the primary the young voters turned to President Biden.

Many of the younger voters have followed President Biden’s accomplishments with unprecedented investments in fighting climate change, his first-of-its kind police reform executive order, his actions to support community policing and decriminalize marijuana, and getting more Americans health coverage than ever before. He has also delivered on issues on gun reform, and student debt cancellation.

Biden will be 86 when he completes his second term. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean- Pierre said, “It’s the same thing that we heard in 2020. If you look at what the President has done this past two years, he’s been able to deliver and get things done.

People are living longer, and Biden may have to take some naps along the way. Only God can answer how long a person will be on the planet, but at this time our president is doing a great job.