"Not MY Buddy" Dyer

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer NotMyBuddy. talhua Paladino community activist.talhua Pazy Paladino, Candidate for Orange County Commissioner District 6, submitted this obversation of Orlando's Mayor Buddy Dyer.

Tonight "NotMyBuddy" ran out on the community update on the Citrus Bowl Reconstruction stating he was "triple booked" and had to get to another event. I wondered what could possibly be more important than a $191 million dollar facelift for a 70 year old sporting stadium? A $429 million dollar performing arts center? A $85 million dollar Major Leauge Soccer stadium? Maybe a meeting on the Magic Junk Bonds?

 If it was up to me, I'd hope for it to be a meeting on the generations of broken West Orlando residents! For 50 years, elected leadership and the chamber of commerce promised and suggested dignified living conditions, better roads, better schooling, and economic prosperity in Parramore and throughout District Six !  The cities and counties solution; code enforcement citations, eviction notices and a bus pass somewhere other than Downtown Orlando.

Why is our city selling it's soul and it's citizens to corporateBuddyDyer welfare that offers little to none of the economic prosperity promised by candidates and elected officials? Havent we learned these types of trickle down techniques DO NOT work and if they did, it's scraps at best? Moving people out of their homes that they own and into what they call a more dignified living condition shouldn't be a Section 8 or HUD housing! Ribbon cuttings at Walmart shouldn't be what makes the local headlines but instead a ribbon cutting at a small, locally owned, minority owned business should be the normal for OrangeCounty, and the CityBeautiful!

For "The Blueprint" to be so proud of the workers it hires from the community how come there was no one from "The Blueprint" to welcome in the 100's of able bodied men at woman across the street at Lorna Doone Park?

After the event at the citrus bowl, we moved our sign to Lorna Doone Park and spoke to so many who instantly recognized the sign and what it meant. We listened to the people and after hours of speaking to them the problem was clear! Not one person we spoke to knew what was going on tonight at the citrus bowl.

This is why empowering our communities voice is so crucial and why it will be our campaigns number one priority. Now is the time for local leadership and candidates to get engaged and stay engaged, not just on election years! I will continue to fight for the community, win or loose and I'm honored to have met so many wonderful people tonight. I'm proud to have stood beside each and every one of you!

talhua Pazy Paladino, Candidate for Orange County Commissioner District 6