The Five and a Half Year Tantrum That Threatens The Nation

A Thin Line Between Ideology & Treason

Elections have consequences.

We have heard this before but never before, at least not in my lifetime, has the reality of this sage warning been more glaring. Our country, the good, old U.S. of A is being held hostage in plain sight of The People, a constantly-attempted coup working against the will of the electorate. Democracy has been turned on its head by a malcontented, unpatriotic few doing all they can to hijack the country.


 Fear and delusion have been the way of racists since the 1600s and these dogmatists are the biggest threat facing us today. The last breath of reality has long-since left the Republican party leaving a  putrid zombie spouting drivel in its wake. In their attempts to deny President Obama any kind of victory, their spiteful pitches and policies jeopardize the nation.

Backed into a corner of their own making, the smell of Republican desperation is stinking up the whole place.

After being out of the fray for so long I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Republicans have doubled-down, no, tripled down .. — times infinity – on their insane, Mad Hatter rhetoric. After fabricating the storms that would breathe life into their own Frankenstein’s monster — aka, the Tea Party — the ignorant, and ill-informed vote and spawns of Koch-roaches infiltrate positions of power.

Since the presidential campaign season of 2008 when Sarah Palin was unleashed on the public, Republicans have been on this steady decline, a bizarro world where crazy has turned upside-down into normal.

At every turn Republicans seek to derail any progress President Obama has made and continues to make, in spite of them. Corporate-run media shills try to convince a nation that these are the normal ways of a democracy. While there’s no doubt we’re better off than much of the world, this persistent tantrum is a big problem.

Unable to find any scandal or issue with President Obama there’s no telling how far they’ll go. What kinds of plots and plans do they have going on (besides the obvious) that we’ll find out about somewhere down road?

This is what we’ve been reduced to … we can never take our eyes off the unhinged obstructionists scattered about the halls of Congress.

The cracked and deranged behavior from the right is far too plenty to list in one blog post but I’ll name a couple of particular note.

Back in April 2012, the recently elected Republican legislature in Detroit, Michigan threw out hundreds of thousand of signatures collected by citizens’ in an effort to repeal the Draconian takeover of the city by an overseer/manager. These overseers usurped all powers of the elected officials, effectively stripping them of all duties. When the people more than met petition requirements that would have forced the state to hold a public referendum on the issue, the legislature threw them out citing the font size being too small as the reason.  

The shifts in the political winds back then told me back then that this exercise was a test run. Republicans were on a mission. A methodical infiltration of oppressive policies while parceling off of the country to the highest bidder. A united front working against the interests of the nation for the benefit of the few.

Detroit has since filed for bankruptcy a move that surprised even the city lawyers when announced in court. Once pension holders caught wind of the possibility for bankruptcythey rushed to block any claim thus prompting the sudden bankruptcy filing.There’s no guarantee they’ll make the case for insolvency since there are substantial resources left in the city though many public lands have been auctioned off.

And that’s just Detroit. Wherever there is a Republican-led legislature you can look for the focus being either the subjugation of women,  birth control or abortion. And budget-cutting. Less for the people. More for the corporations. No work whatsoever on infrastructure, jobs or other issue that could help local economies.

Then there’s the other branch of government overrun by Koch-roaches. The Supreme Court. With justices like Scalia & Thomas, the rights of poor schmucks like you and me have an uphill climb as evidenced by the strike against The Voting Rights Act. The flawed premise that Justice Roberts usedto determine that an important part of the landmark legislation had become “outmoded” formed a crack in the system that Republicans have since swarmed to exploit by passing laws to make it harder for certain citizens to vote.  We all know this story by now since it’s been part of their strategy since Republicans sweeped Capitol Hill and state legislatures in 2010.

Imagine where we’d be if they worked with half the earnest and speed on behalf of the people who elected them to serve? Those poor saps who believe them when they say “but I’m looking out for you”.

The Republican plan is more than a little obvious yet corporate “news” outlets continue in their blind, deaf and dumb regurgitation of corporate talking points swaying more opinions than one might think.

It’s easy to create the narrative of your choice in a sound-bite world where the average attention span equals the snap of a finger. Convincing people of things that don’t make sense, like Obamacare is bad for them, becomes a social experiment of mind-boggling proportions.

Thank goodness the Obama administration is so awesome they can still get stuff done in spite of the crazy element running amok on Capitol Hill and throughout the nation. Though the damages inflicted upon the rest of us because of this five and a half year tantrum are far-reaching and currently hinder the progress of the country’s economic recovery.

In a time when the country is in need, rather than helping, Republicans are intent upon hurting the nation by using their time on the clock to formulate phony scandalsagainst President Obama rather than taking care of The People’s business. For all Boehner’s talk about “where are the jobs?” Republicans have done little work except to try to repeal Obamacare 40 times. 40 times in an effort to prevent this landmark piece of legislation from being the law that it already is ... smh. Even though they know it won’t pass the Senate and even after it was upheld by a slanted Supreme Court.

You want to know how many times Republicans sponsored jobs bills? Zero. Nada, zip, zilch … not one time did any Republican sponsor a jobs bill since they’ve had control of the House. And they have the nerve to accuse the President of not meeting them in the middle.

No matter how much President Obama compromises (not a bad word in a democracy), Republicans continue to roll around on the floor holding their breath until they turn blue or until … 2016, I guess? That pretty much seems to be their plan. To do whatever they can the grind government to a halt while lining their pockets by serving the interests of corporations over people. The very people they manage to convince to vote them into office. Masters of the forked-tongue.

We’ve endured the hysterics for five and a half years by overgrown brats who’ve taken up way more air than they should.

Now no one expects Republicans to do the right thing. In spite of their flaky behavior, the Obama administration has managed to keep the country from falling off more than a couple of cliffs. All while enduring the idiotic mutterings & urges of racists who have attained influential status They plot and sabotage, stick their fingers in their ears and try to wag their tongues louder than everyone else. So sad … and detrimental. Emphasis on “.. mental”.

The will of an unconscious bunch threaten the well-being of the nation. The ignorance they bring is a reminder from the Bush years of just how bad it can get. Yet another Republican mess President Obama has cleaned up.

If they were truly conservative when they had control of the reigns of power we wouldn’t be climbing out of such a deep hole.

And then they want to toss the chessboard when you check them and take their ball home when the game doesn’t go their way, ignoring the fact that real people and families are suffering from their extended temper tantrum.<

What kind of leader takes the food out of the mouths of the very citizens looking to them to be led?

Treason is defined as an act against one’s sovereign or nation. An apt description of the self-destructive antics from the right side of Capitol Hill. I say we give them the ass-whipping they deserve for their impropriety.

We do that by showing up at the polls in 2014. Support Democratic candidates and get out the vote. Another prediction here: McConnell is toast, along with a number of his bitter-ender cronies. Good riddance and not soon enough.

As usual, it will take We, The People to make that prediction a reality but the signs are pointing that way. We know that government is not the answer to everything. It has never been perfect but can work for us. A functioning government has brought us projects and programs that serve us to this day.

The transcontinental highway, railroad, bridges and infrastructure that carry us from the mountains of California to Florida beaches. Public schools and universities have been a staple throughout communities around the nation.Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, just to name of few safety nets that many citizens have had to rely on sometimes due to unexpected circumstances.

Our grandfathers brought us these this that some have never given up fighting against. We know Republicans can’t give up even when they’ve squarely lost. Folks down here still celebrate the Civil War.

We can’t take these long-standing accomplishments for granted. Republicans have shown they don’t care if every bridge ever constructed falls, if every road crumbles, they could give a damn, Being our “brother’s keeper” is a laughable notion in Republican circles.You can pretty much sum it up that any policy or program that might help you, Average Citizen, will be subject to repeal if Republicans can get a hold of it.

And while it’s true that unruly Republicans aren’t so easily ignored as a kid wailing, kicking and screaming in the middle of the floor, we still have the ability to get a handle on the situation as the adults in the room.

Get out the vote, again!. Yes, we can and yes, we will

Enough already. Call Nanny 911. Time for an intervention