DaisyLynum1I believe the public, at this juncture, has a right to ask:
"What have YOU done for us, lately--OR at any time?"

By Paula Denise, Community Advocate & Educator

This writer would prefer to believe Commissioner Lynum to be a very decent person in private life but knowledge is limited only to public office, through public activities like many of her constituents. The latter is what I will attempt to address from collective community comments by district members.

Mayor Dyer’s raise? Perhaps a valid consideration as evidence by progress of actively, working on his promised skyline changes. In contrast, Ms. Lynum, definitely not, if professional performance remains the tool of measurement by the community members who helped her attain her post. They ask:, “What projects did she spearhead to completion-- other than the appearance of personal gain round trip travel? In what way did those questionable trips directly benefit any community program over 5,000 miles away? What program(s) in the African American community has this commissioner been observed in adamantly defending in her district? Has this commissioner shown any modicum of support for those who supported her campaign and reelection?”

It has been expressed, in consideration of teachers, raises should be limited to that of MERIT, COMMUNICATIVE UPDATES TO CONSTITUENTS, ACCOUNTABILITY, CONSISTENCY and PERFORMANCE. SECONDLY, Ms. Lynum’s voting preferences that had adverse impact against the people's needs... as well as those reflected inconsistencies demonstrated against the people's confidence in word and deed. Most notably the frequency this has occurred. This criterion that constituents watch with hawk-eyes, might prompt reaction towards a few potentially vacant seats and save some taxpayers money. In summary, the general consensus is that no one in any professional or private job area should be repeatedly confident in getting something for nothing.

Remember the fiasco over development monies-- millions of dollars-- involving Cameron Kuhn which the City appeared to support? And what about Lou Perlman with the Church St. Station development— similar-- and later tagged for embezzlement... when the average person wasn't even granted loans to save their homes? But developers, big business/City got truck loads of cash for their exclusive projects. All of this while making overtures for grand groundbreaking ceremonies for Parramore development that really never took place to full completion?

Continuing, what about those seemingly redirected CommunityDaisyLynum Reinvestment Act funds controversy? And ...what about the Lynum's support for development of Otey Place, wherein she supported contractor Patrick Aliu and knowing his entire family only later to deny knowing him personally at all? Then… there was the long awaited ‘NEW Carver Theater’ and office complex on the corner of Church & Parramore?

It is further recalled that Commissioner Lynum declared to supporters that eminent domain would never take place in her district. Well, it did. Strangely, about the same time there appeared more lack of support resulting in a perception of exchange for a Mayor Pro Temp post.

Now... with all those 'lack' of benefits to the community under her helm, they've succeeded in demolishing the arena, building a new one, earmarking land for a soccer stadium without a TEAM-- the dogs of eminent domain currently waiting in the wings to threaten remaining landowners including a church-- and projections for the new CREATIVE VILLAGE !! And she feels she deserves a raise? Well, perhaps from those ‘special’ donors she has truly been serving. Meanwhile, the community members aren't convinced that District 5 community members have derived benefits.

I believe their sentiments are along the lines of and I quote: "We deserve to be heard with courtesy by the people we voted for, believing them to honor promises; "We deserve more in our community than depletion of our schools; and mostly a lot more than one or two temporary repairs to roads and speed bumps every election time." People are no longer confidant or impressed by overtures of failed promises to the Community which desperately awaits improvements and changes as promised . . . about 8-10 years worth of waiting and more disappointments. If nothing else, I believe she and others have adequately demonstrated the distinction in identifying who is a passionate public servant and who is a pretender at public service for opportunity, working for themselves and private partners.