Are The Embezzling Republicans Bamboozling Common People?

By Pastor Joe Flores
A Message to the COMMON People of America!
I can no longer in good conscious keep silent about the shameful surreptitious behavior of America's Republican elected officials! There is in America today a shameful pride of incivility and a despicable snobbery that is drenched in the love of money. The Bible tells us that this over extravagant love of money is the root of all evil.

Yet even some of the best of us have been duped by this devilish chicanery of ill-begotten prosperity. An excessively white

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-collared crime has been perpetrated upon all of the American people in the plain sight of the entire world.

What this Republican Congress has done is nothing short of grand larceny disguised as tax reform. It is nothing less than pilferage, embezzlement, shoplifting, legalized, cultured graft. It is legalized tax thievery. This is a reverse Robin Hood type action.

Except this Congressional Robin Hood herein, are the elected 1%-ers, elected by the selectively deaf, intentionally dumb and the purposefully blind. These thieves are 1%-ers or flunkies thereof, who are stealing in plain sight and giving the felonious booty to their rich handlers, propelling their billions into trillions while leaving 99%-ers disillusioned, dismayed and disenfranchised from the wealth that was ours or at least we were supposed to have access to it if we worked hard.

Now it appears that we have worked hard only to be jacked by a system rigged for the benefit of the already excessively wealthy. The only solution is a revolution at the ballot box of 2018. I am hoping that the notion of a legalized voting coup will become the obvious and evident resolution to the crime that has been effectuated against us by our elected betrayers. This is the only remedy for the farce of tax reform that the Republican Congress has successfully engineered against us, the common people of America.