Mayor Dyer continues to promote failure

Dyer dockersIn an social media comment, Commissioner Regina Hill Discusses the lack of affordable housing and what is being done. Here are my comments on Commissioner Hill and the article. A link to that article appears at the end of this piece.

     Thank you Regina Hill for all that you do. When you were first elected to the Orlando City Council, you made promises to bring programs to District 5 and Orlando and you have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. The burden placed upon your shoulders would have crushed many others. I commend you for your efforts. You are a blessing to this community. You have done more for our community than any other elected official over the last decade.

A major stumbling block hindering your progress is Mayor Buddy Dyer. He has no strategic plan for District 5, or District 6, except to maintain the Black folk status quo. His Affordable Housing plan is very flawed. In a recently released article, the first paragraph and the last paragraph explains it all.

First paragraph:
“Affordable housing is a complex challenge that is affecting most cities across the United States. Nationwide, rental rates have increased faster than wages. Central Florida is no exception, as more than 40% of households are cost-burdened. “
In other words, the major cause for the need of affordable housing is low income.

Last paragraph:
“Additionally, the first part of Parramore – Creative Village opened with the new Amelia Court Apartments, a workforce-affordable housing community directly across from the Valencia-UCF site. Along with Mayor Buddy Dyers’ leadership, Amelia Court has 256 apartment homes with rental rates across a wide range of affordability. They officially opened in July.”
In other words, apartment’s homes are being built but low income residents have few opportunities to get in. And, there is no plan to address the issue of low income.

Mayor Buddy Dyer’s plan for the Black community is flawed and poorly designed. Buddy Dyer is a failure and should be replaced.

Link to article in: DownTown Community Paper