Anna Eskamani’s Affordable Housing Fiasco

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The ‘Housing for All Initiative’ says that the major cause, driving the need for affordable housing is low income.

At a town hall meeting, I asked a City of Orlando housing specialist if there was a plan to address the low income issue. She indicated that there is no plan.
Rep. Anna Vishkaee Eskamani interrupted my questioning by saying that she has a plan. I asked Rep Eskamani for a copy of the plan and have received nothing but excuses and diversions from her.

At a forum, hosted by the County, a national housing specialist, Dr. Manuel, gave a talk about affordable housing. I asked her if there was a plan to address the low income issue. She said that low income is not an issues and there are plenty of avenues to solve the low income problem. Really? Let us count the ways.

1. The city housing specialist indicated there is no plan to address low income.
2. Rep Anna Eskamani said that she has a plan for low income but she can’t or won’t deliver it.
3. County housing specialist said that low income is not an issue.

It seems to me that there is no consistency in a solution for low income. Someone is lying.
Neither Mayor Dyer nor Mayor Demings have come to the aide of Rep Anna Eskamani to present a plan to solve the major cause for the need of affordable housing.

Buddy Dyer has initiated a multiple year plan to raise minimum wages of city employees to $15/hour. This is another flawed idea by Mayor Dyer. Critical thinkers agree that a $15/hour minimum wage for city workers, two or three years from now won’t even begin to solve the crisis.

Buddy Dyer must go. Anna Eskamani should understand that neither Mayor Dyer or Mayor Demings will come to her support because they don’t have a plan, but they are smart enough not to admit it.