State Attorney Candidate, Monique Worrell Explains The Failed 'Gotcha' Question During Debate

MoniqueWorrell SA200Monique Worrell for State Attorney
If you watched the debate tonight you may remember that I was asked a question about my experience as a prosecutor. This question was designed to highlight the fact that I have not prosecuted cases, as a weakness. I disagree. I believe it is one of my greatest strengths. In a time where the nation is calling for criminal justice reform, when black and brown people continue to be murdered without accountability, why would we entrust reform to those who have been complicit in the execution of the very policies that are in need of reform?

The fact is that not only am I a career criminal justice reform advocate, I have the most diverse experience among the field of candidates. As a defense attorney, I fought for justice for the accused, as a law professor I directly trained future prosecutors and defense attorneys to fight for fairness and equality in the criminal system. As an Assistant State Attorney, I led the investigation of claims of wrongful conviction and as the Chief Legal Officer of a national organization, I advocated for probation and parole reform. I have practiced, studied and taught criminal law for twenty years. I chose my career path because I recognized twenty years ago that the criminal legal system was fundamentally flawed, and that I could not be apart of the machine of mass incarceration. For that, I am unapologetic and it is exactly that which qualifies me to be the change we all want to see.

The fact that I am different is abundantly clear. I embrace that difference. It is that difference that makes me the right person for this job. I am the one who has trained hundreds of criminal law practitioners, I am the one who understands the concerns of those who are impacted by the system. I am the one who understands that mass incarceration doesn't make the community safer, stronger or make victims whole. I am the one who marches with the community in the time of trouble. I am the one who is focused on actual change instead of more conversations about change. We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect a different result. It's time for a fresh perspective on justice!

Monique Worrell
Your Advocate for Change

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