Dr. LaVon W. Bracy 'Reams' Ocoee Mayor, Rusty Johnson

DrLaVonBracyBy Dr. LaVon W. Bracy
Read my letter and the piss poor response from the very racist mayor of Ocoee, Mayor Rusty Johnson. Let me be clear, he did not question whether my son lived in Ocoee. He lied in council meeting and said he knew for a fact that my son did not live in Ocoee. He is trying to back track now because he knows his consequences are grave and will be costly. . . 

I, LaVon W. Bracy am not an elected official and you cannot backtrack with me and think this will go away. This letter has gone to the entire Ocoee City Council so that that the Mayor's lies will be public record. See below.

Mayor Rusty Johnson:

Allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is LaVon Wright Bracy, mother of State Senator Randolph Bracy, III and I attended the Ocoee City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. I think Rev. Steven Nunn's opening remarks were so true, "You don't have to figure out or wonder who a man is, if you let him talk long enough, he will reveal his own character." In this regard, you did an excellent job during those three hours in demonstrating your real character.

My issue that I want to focus on is my son, Senator Randolph Bracy, III and your exchange with him regarding where he lives. You asked him for his address. He indicated that he lives in Ocoee. Your response was that you knew for a fact that he did not live in Ocoee. He then responded that he would not have to give you his physical address but insisted that he is a resident of Ocoee. You adamantly attested that he did not live in Ocoee. How do I interpret your statement? You were saying to everyone present and those individuals watching from home that Senator Randolph Bracy was lying about his residency; that he was not honest, neither was he truthful. Knowing the violent history of Ocoee towards people of color, and considering he routinely receives threatening correspondence for votes he has taken as a State Senator, I was stunned that you wanted my son to put his life in danger as an elected official by publicly announcing his address. Your commentary was disrespectful, and your hateful demeanor manifested itself. I am certain you would not have demanded an address in a public forum of a white state senator.

Let the record show that both my children are residents and homeowners in Ocoee, and I pray for their safety, especially after witnessing your decorum at Tuesdays' meeting. You went on record making false, unfounded and unresearched public statements in your official capacity as the mayor. A person holding your office should at the very least have honesty and integrity when speaking on public record. If not honesty, you should at least have the aptitude to research your statements with the Orange County property appraiser. Based on what I observed, Ocoee has not made much progress since the massacre of July Perry one hundred years ago in 1920! You made it quite evident that this same racism is alive and well in Ocoee.

As you so proudly stated at the council meeting you will never apologize to Senator Randolph Bracy for the demand of his address. From where I stand, I don't expect a racist to confess. History tells me that they never have, and they never will. I have attached a signed letter from the Orange County Property Appraiser attesting to the fact that my son owns a property in Ocoee. Please explain to me how "you know for a fact", that he does not live in Ocoee? It appears that the only lie, untruth and falsehood that was told at the council meeting was from you. Be advised that I am writing this letter to you in your official capacity so that it will be public record that as is your custom, you have been dishonest with the citizenry of Ocoee. Your leadership is a pure and utter embarrassment.

Disgusted but not surprised,

LaVon W. Bracy

Sen. Randolph Bracy
Comm. George Oliver
LaVon Patrice Bracy Davis, Esq.
Larry Brinson
Adrian Davis