Congratulations to the Dark Money PAC that financed Amy Mercado

AmyMercadoBy Lawrence A Robinson
Good job Dark Money PAC, you were successful in getting the most unqualified candidate elected to a position where she can't possibly be a success.

It seems to me, that Amy Mercado's only qualification needed by the dark money PAC was a willingness to lessen the tax burden of Central Florida's big entertainment groups.

The election results make it clear that outside influences and out of town PAC money had an impact. Rick Singh reelection failure was manufactured over a period of five years. From the very start, this dark money PAC and their affiliates, created false scandals against Rick Singh because he ended the cozy relationship between special interests and the 'good old boy club,' making them pay their fair share of taxes.

In the last five years, special interests sued to receive special favors 359 times. About 179 cases were from special interests and theme parks.

Rick Singh made them pay their fair share, resulting in 400 million dollars in lawful taxes due. Special interests don't like it, so their entire campaign strategy was to manipulate the citizens of Orange County with misinformation and lies and manufactured scandals about Rick Singh.

In his concession call to Amy Mercado, Rick Singh said we look forward to a smooth transition. In order for Amy Mercado to initiate a smooth transition, I think she will have to fire everyone in the office and start over with less qualified property appraisers. Anyone who stays will be admitting that they knowingly did poor work for Rick Singh.

How could anyone, who is presently employed in that office say that for the last five years, they did poor valuations? How could they say that for five years they were actually screwing Disney instead of extracting a fair share? Will they admit that now they are flipped and start to take food out of the mouths of our children so the Disney executives can receive their million dollar bonuses? I don't think they can. I think they will have to resign before Amy Mercardo fires them all, which she is obligated to do.

What about the 400 million dollars Disney already paid for property taxes under Rick Singh? Will Disney sue Orange County to recover that from tax payers? YOU BET THEY WILL. Will Mayor Jerry Demings give it to them without a fight? I BET HE WILL.

Today, OCPA is among the best run and highest performing organizations in the world. They are number one in accuracy and defense of their appraisals. They are committed to fighting for the average citizen so that everyone pays their fair share.

Amy Mercado's new job at the Property Appraisal's office is to scuttle Rick Singh's success in order to satisfy the Dark Money PAC. Have they already paid her to do so? I BET THEY HAVE!

For the sake of the children of Orange County, I pray that the Orange County Property Appraiser, senior appraisers walk off the job on Amy Mercardo's first day and side with the citizens and side with what is fair and tell dark money PAC, that's not how we do it here.