Does The Orange County School Board Supports Feeding Black Kids To Alligators?

ReginaHellingerby Lawrence A. Robinson
Orange County School Board Candidate for District 3, Regina Hellinger, recently walked, 'Gator Alley' to learn of the dangers faced by elementary school kids on their path to Eagles Nest Elementary.

The mis-education of our youth has been a concern of parents in the Orange County School District for years. The school board seems to change standards, schedules and guidelines on a regular basis with very little input or regard of consequence for parents, students or teachers and school administrations.

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OCPS: Did School Board Counsel Woody Rodriquez Commit Malfeasance When Giving Instructions To Bd Members To Close Richmond Heights Elementary?

OCPS 90  Diego Woody Rodriquez

by Lawrence A. Robinson
Legal Counsel for the School Board Diego 'Woody' Rodriquez took the lead on the closing of Richmond Heights Elementary School. This responsibility was handed to him by School Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins who was the Deputy Superintendent at the time.

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OCPS School Board Candidate Chadwick Hardee: Guts and Glory

OCPS 90 ChadwickHardee

by Lawrence A. Robinson
Orange County Public School district 3 election may hold the key to the survival of historically black schools in Orlando. The historic black schools are in districts 5 and are the concerns of its board member. But with the vote to close historically black Richmond Heights Elementary, district 5 needs help and an additional voice on the board.

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When Jones High School Loses, Dr. Phillips High School Wins

OCPS 90 DPHS 100

by Lawrence A. Robinson
Dr. Phillips High School was built for a capacity of about 2,500 students. Their actually student population is about 3,400.

The Orange County School Board buses over 1,600 students to Dr. Phillips every school day. That's about one half the school's student population. This creates a logistics nightmare of picking up kids, taking them home and scheduling all the buses and drivers and let's not forget the cost of gas.

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Chairman Sublette Recommends New Orange County School Board Pawn

OCPS 90 BillSublette

By Juan Elridge
Linda Kobert (Bill Sublette's candidate for the Orange County School Board District 3 seat) is another possible pawn on Chairman Sublette's chessboard to destroy historically black schools in Orlando.

The current targets are Richmond Heights and Jones High. Sublette deafly allowed, pawn Kat Gordon to orchestrate the vote to close Richmond Heights Elementary School. Notice, Sublette voted against the closing. He knew the rock was being thrown so he had no reason to show his hand.

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School Board Member Joie Cadle, Not For Students

OCPS 90 JoieCadle 98

by Lawrence A. Robinson
Joie Cadle, in her capacity as an Orange County School Board member, signed a binding contract with the Orange County NAACP which outlined specific conditions by which the school board could justify the closure of several named schools including Richmond Heights Elementary School.

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