What's In It For HBCU's?

Humphries Frederickby Dr. Frederick S. Humphries
There has been significant discussion regarding free tuition for Higher Education and what the implications are to HBCU's. Both Hillary & Bernie have indicated in broad strokes their intentions to help HBCU's as part of their proposed Higher Education packages, but little with respect to details has been discussed - at least in the public forum.

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Home Schooling Your History

African Savannaby Attorney Camara Williams
Before I knew about bondage, I was taught about royalty (Mansa Musa, Hannibal). Before I read about transatlantic slave trade triangle, I was taught about pyramids and spice trade of Eastern Africa. Before I heard about slave illiteracy I was told about The University of Timbuktu. Before there was slave history, there is African History.

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Opt Out Orlando Membership Surges While Fighting Commissioner of Education, Pam Stewart

OptOutOrlando Logoby Sandy Stenoff
It is no coincidence that Florida is both the birthplace of No Child Left Behind and also the state with the greatest number of for-profit prisons in the nation.

I am one of the three mothers who founded Opt Out Orlando two years ago. We provide factual, documented and verifiable information to parents so that they can make informed decisions about opting out, in support of their children's education.

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Understanding The Concept Of Teaching

LindaKobert 100 ReginaHellinger 100

by Lawrence A. Robinson
There are articles by several writers, including myself, who have pointed out the lack of leadership skills in Candidate Linda Kobert. Linda Kobert is running for the Orange County School Board District 3 Representative seat and she is so very unqualified and unfamiliar with the issues and certainly has no clue how to solve them.

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Governor Scott Awards $10 million to 111 Orange County Schools

Rick Scott 98  B Jenkins 98

By Roger Caldwell
At Dr. Phillips High School last week, Governor Scott presented 111 schools in Orange County with $10.3 million in school recognition funding. This is an extraordinary achievement, and it shows that the Orange County school system is improving under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Jenkins. Florida has always been proud of their schools, and this program recognizes student and teacher achievement.

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Does The Orange County School Board Supports Feeding Black Kids To Alligators?

ReginaHellingerby Lawrence A. Robinson
Orange County School Board Candidate for District 3, Regina Hellinger, recently walked, 'Gator Alley' to learn of the dangers faced by elementary school kids on their path to Eagles Nest Elementary.

The mis-education of our youth has been a concern of parents in the Orange County School District for years. The school board seems to change standards, schedules and guidelines on a regular basis with very little input or regard of consequence for parents, students or teachers and school administrations.

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