Orange County Sheriff's Office Statistics

OCSO Badgeby Mike Greene
Some interesting OCSO facts:

Annual budgets 2011 to 2012 $182,795,055

     --- 2012 to 2013 $192,122,113

     --- 2013 to 2014 $198,203,066.

     The 2013 to 2014 budget goes 100% to operating costs.

Sheriffs salary, approx $160,000 per year.


     Deputy salary, approx $40,000 per year.personnel

Deputies respond to about 1.5 million calls for service each year.

The aviation unit flies about 2,500 hours per year.

The average response time for a low level call is about 15 minutes;

     a call where a crime occurred but is over about 20 minutes;

     a high priority call almost 6 minutes.

OCSO has been in a constant state of hiring for the past several years due to a poor retention rate (scores of deputies resign each year to work for other agencies and a smaller number of retirees).

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