Randy Ross Comes Clean About Domestic Abuse

RandyRoss3by Randy Ross
It might surprise you, but when I mentioned a while back I was doing a show on domestic abuse, my abuser reached out to me, after so many years, to threaten & caution me.


Over time, now 12 years later, he's reached out, almost pretending I somehow was responsible for his anger. Yet he apologizes and knows one day we'll be together. Despite my constant reminders that would NEVER happen. How do you ever forget someone who tried to kill you? But I was a man. I didn't even know how or who to talk to. I was embarrassed.

Even yesterday, one of my guest too was threatened when our show topic was announced. Abusers do that....they really don't understand the consequences, emotionally, of their actions. That is, of course, until it's often too late.

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Listen, here's the deal.
God has given me the strength to humble myself to talk about my past so maybe...just maybe...it might help save someone.

When I tell you, through all appearances, it was a superb time in my life....it was. But, I slept with one eye open. If I were lucky enough to get away....I'd drive to a hotel, a rest stop....or even sometimes sleep in my office. I had become a master at hiding what was really happening. Back then, people surely believed I was awfully clumsy, because I was always "falling," walking into a door, etc....lies.

Even after what I describe as my worst beating & humiliation ever in my own front yard....when the sheriff showed up he looked at me and said, "you look like you've had a rough night....are you ok?" I of course said, "oh I fell on the pool deck. I'm fine but thanks for checking!" Then I walked into this grand bathroom in my home....looked in the mirror...and I couldn't recognize myself for all the blood rushing down my face.

It was that moment I knew I had to get out... No, it shouldn't never have taken me that long to act...but he wasn't like that in the beginning. Sound familiar?

For the record....I will be an activist and working to bring awareness to domestic abuse, especially same sex domestic abuse, for ...well....forever.

YOU don't scare me anymore. I'm here because God had a better plan than being taken by your hands.

If you are in an abusive situation....GET SAFE. Too many people love you to become a statistic!
No matter where you live, there are phone lines & shelters that can help. No one will judge you for getting safe....trust in that.

FrontPorchChat100Randy Ross is Host and Executive Producer of 'Front Porch Chat with Randy & Friends'. "Front Porch Chat with Randy & Friends" is a program designed to entertain, educate and inform the public about everything from pop culture to politics.

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