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Roger Caldwell, President/CEO of On Point Media Group is a stroke survivor, who before he had his stroke knew nothing about high blood pressure, and he abused his body. After he had his stroke, he changed his lifestyle, and learned as much as he could about strokes and optimum health.

He has helped to produce a documentary about high blood pressure and also wrote and published of a book, 'The Inspiring Journey of A Stroke Survivor' which can be found on Amazon.

On Point Media Group via Roger Caldwell researches and writes articles that are relevant to the Black political community. Roger's news articles appears in almost every Black owned publication in Florida as well as his own blog.

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Thoughts, Love and Reflections with James DeShay

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     Host James Deshay will tackle the social issues of today and also talk about how we as people can improve. There are many hot topics and James interacts with the audience with the wonderful subjects and the tough subjects. Make sure to join him and chime in on the conversation.
     James Deshay has written two books now and working on his third one. In addition, he is an Educator, and a recording artist.












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Community Steeple Media Network-Central Florida

What Is The Community Steeple Media Network?

The Community Steeple Media Network (CSMN) is a collection of business ideas or strategies to help small Black owned businesses to succeed. There are some training videos to support those who are using the 'My Side Hustle' plan. Also, training for using programs included in the Xtreme Marketing System. The purpose is to grow locally owned Black businesses by encouraging consumer support.













The Jason Henry Project

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Jason Henry is a burgeoning writer and locally recognized political analyst. He first gained distinction while running for political office in 2012 for the Florida House of Representatives. While he didn't emerge victorious, his sharp ideas and critical writings about the perils facing Florida earned him the reputation as a young leader and political examiner.





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Bridget Norvell Enterprises









Bridget Norvell Enterprises provides consulting services to individuals, and small-to-medium-sized companies and Churches. Our services include individual  transformation series to organizing and marketing events; from small local events to national seminars and international conferences. 





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