School Board Member Joie Cadle, Not For Students

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by Lawrence A. Robinson
Joie Cadle, in her capacity as an Orange County School Board member, signed a binding contract with the Orange County NAACP which outlined specific conditions by which the school board could justify the closure of several named schools including Richmond Heights Elementary School.


The specific conditions by which the school board could close these schools was varied, but included:
1. OCPS had to endure a dramatic revenue shortfall
2. A desire to save revenue does not constitute a legitimate reason to close a school.

School Board lead attorney Woody Rodriquez, also a signer of the NAACP contract, illegally advised school board members that they could vote to close Richmond Heights Elementary because it would save the county money. At the time, OCPS had a surplus of funds amounting to more that $37 million dollars. There was no dramatic revenue shortfall.

The school board voted to close the school anyway. When explaining why she voted to close Richmond Heights Elementary, Joie Cadle suggested that 'anecdotally,' kids, teachers and parents get the 'warm fuzzies' when going to a new school.

Jolie Cadle does not care about the students, teachers or parents. She and the Orange County School Board members only want more of your money and they will lie to get it.

Vote NO for the TAX Extension.
Joie Cadle statement of closure begin at 36:40 into the video.  



The OCPS Board voted to transfer over 2 million dollars away from Jones High School during school year 2013-2014. Save Jones High by denying the half penny tax extension.

Over the last 10 years, OCPS Board has effectively transferred over 30 million dollars away from District 5 schools. Save our community, deny the half penny tax extension.


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