Governor Scott Awards $10 million to 111 Orange County Schools

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By Roger Caldwell
At Dr. Phillips High School last week, Governor Scott presented 111 schools in Orange County with $10.3 million in school recognition funding. This is an extraordinary achievement, and it shows that the Orange County school system is improving under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Jenkins. Florida has always been proud of their schools, and this program recognizes student and teacher achievement.

"The School Recognition Program award allows us to honor the schools that have been successful in

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improving student achievement. I am so appreciative of the hard work that Florida teachers contribute every day to ensure students are prepared for college, a career and life" says Commissioner Stewart.

To be eligible for the award, a school has to achieve an A grade or improve at least one letter grade from the previous year. Also, any school improving more than one letter, and sustaining the improvement the following year would be eligible. The school staff and school advisory council at each eligible school would determine how the financial award would be spent.

This is a terrific award because it motivates students to work hard with a plan that they would achieve at the end of the program. This is an annual program and it happens every year. Dr. Jenkins appeared extremely excited and happy when she received her award and check at Dr. Phillips High School.

"I want to thank Governor Scott for visiting us today to recognize the success of Orange County schools and for honoring the hard work of our students, teachers, principals, and staff. We are extremely proud of what our school district has accomplished and this funding will help us continue our mission of leading our students to success" says Dr. Barbara Jenkins, Orange County Schools Superintendent.

In the state, Governor Scott will distribute more than $124 million in the School Recognition Program. This year in his 2015-16 budgets, Governor Scott has requested a record $19.75 billion in K-12 education funding, which is an increase of $261 per student over last year. This is the right direction for funding in the Florida school system.

But everyone in the school system is confused with common core, and what will be the new testing system to ensure the system is working efficiently. There are still too many schools in the entire system that are failing, and violence and drugs are running rampant. It is easy to do a photo-op where our leaders talk about the success stories, but we must remember that the majority of students in public schools are just showing up with no direction and goals.


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Congratulations to the schools who received an award. Next year everyone is expecting that more schools are in the winner's circle. Dr. Barbara Jenkins, the Superintendent of Orange County schools, is a Black woman who is a visionary, and is doing an exemplary job. She is the right person for the job, and she is standing on the broad Black shoulders of the great ex-Superintendent, Ron Blocker.