Please Wake Up To The Importance of Soil and Water

TimAdams micby Tim Adams 
PLEASE Wake up !
This District has NEVER Provided Meaningful, Useful and highly publicized information on Plant, Animal and Water Resource information that we all need. We were denied as a group of people, the use of Agricultural, Orange and Citrus Management and Growers information and relegated to merely being Piecemeal Citrus Harvesting Workers for more than a Century.

Lawn Care and Tree Services enterprises in Our Communities were Constantly Denied Government and Other Contracts that were empowering to our Neighbors across town, and NEVER to our Own Companies.

As a Group of CITIZENS, Many of Us were VETERANS who fought for this Nation ; We were denied Agricultural finance and Loans that others were blessed with, and sadly OUR MONEY was Provided to others to become LAND OWNERS and Use all of the Resources of the government to Prosper; While were Denied the Rights and Privileges that many others were freely provided.

Tim Adams for Supervisor of Soil and Water District...My Platform is a list of initiatives that Promote, Educate and Enlighten CITIZENS concerning Soil Stabilization, Conservation of Scarce Water Resources and Activities including GARENING, CROP Production, Fishing, Live Stock Production Best Practices Methods and Conservation of Green Areas, Parks, Trees, and Rivers in Orange /county, Florida.


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