Black Maxx Bar-B-Que Is Back

BeverlyBurgessAnyone who has been in Orlando for more than a few years will remember Black Maxx Bar-B-Que. Black Max closed it's doors several years ago after being in business in Orange County for more than 20 years. Just recently the original owners decided to turn over the reigns of authority to daughter Beverly D. Burgess.

In a statement released by the family, the announcement was made.
We are proud to announce the "Grand Opening of Black Maxx Bar-B-Que"

Lillian Williams and Hubert Williams Sr., are the "Original Founders" of our family's Bar-B-Que business

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which was established in Statesboro, Georgia.

Our mother Lillian Williams is one of the Original Founders, and her Daughter Beverly D. Burgess will reopen the Bar-B-Que business in about three months.

Beverly D. Burgess is the new Executive Director of Catering, Marketing, and Promotions.

Ms. Burgess is very active in the community an have had disagreements the Regina Hill who is now City Commission for District 5. After State Attorney Jeff Ashton decided there was no merit in persuing the disagreement, Ms. Burgess set her efforts to help in building the community.

"I accepted and agreed with State Attorney Ashton's decision. I wish City Commissioner Regina I. Hill of District 5, the best in her life, her career, the people she represents in District 5, and may God bless her efforts," said Ms. Burgess.

She went on to say, "I, along with the support of my family behind me, we are moving on from this journey. We're in the process of re-opening Black Maxx Bar-B-Que and providing 100 plus jobs in District 5 throughout our communities, along with multiple locations.

Commissioner Regina Hill supports the efforts of Black Maxx Bar-B-Que and Beverly Burgess in growing black businesses and job creation in District 5.

Community Steeple had a conversation with Ms. Beverly Burgess. You can hear that conversation here. {youtube}DVGjJDJ_NmY{/youtube}

Also joining the family Bar-B-Que business is Lillian Williams Son and Bar-B-Que, Master Hubert H. Williams Jr., and her Son-in-law Master Soul Food Chef Bravado A. Burgess.

BBQ OpenSmokerOur family has been in the Bar-B-Que business for more than 50 years. We have the combined cooking experience and family recipes of more than 150 years in the kitchen and the grill. We have catered events from the Orlando Magic, Birthdays, Weddings, the community, anniversaries, corporations, and also military events.

A "Free Black Maxx Bar-B-Que Tasting" is in the process of being scheduled and will be announced soon.

Please call if you would like to be apart of the "Free Black Maxx Bar-B-Que Tasting Event", and of course, investors are welcome.

For more information or if anyone have any questions, please contact the Executive Director of Catering Beverly D. Burgess at 407-692-5602.