Enjoying the Healthy Hair Journey

LongestHairby Ebony Onyxx
In the midst of being on this healthy hair journey, I have come to the conclusion of a couple things. First and foremost, keeping it simple is the smartest way to seeing results.

At the beginning, I absorbed every piece of information I read, heard or saw (via blogs and videos) and attempted to incorporate it in my developing hair regimen.

I experimented with everything from DIY (do it yourself) hot oil treatments with exotic and rare herbs combined with expensive essential oils, to washing with sulfate vs non sulfate shampoos and cowashing with various conditioners.

I attempted to create my own recipes for deep conditioners and hair clay masks, even trying countless

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products that my favorite blogger/youtuber recommended or reviewed. My entire weekend was consumed by my obsession of hair growth, it became exhausting.

Everything I learned was intriguing, informative and an eye opener. However, everything is not for everyone. Some people enjoy a vigorous hair routine and include an array of hair products, my preference consists of a non-constrictive schedule that rarely changes and minimal products to match.


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I have come across shampoos, conditioners and oils that work great and have made them my staple products. My current hair schedule consists of moisturizing my strands (paying close attention to the ends of my hair) daily. I oil (not grease) my scalp then give myself a scalp massage about four to five times a week and wash my hair on a weekly basis. I wear protective styles to help retain length and wear my hair down when desired.

I still have my ultimate hair goal of waist length, but I know it will take time and patience. After enduring several setbacks and becoming scissor happy at times with trims, I have learned to love and understand that this is indeed a journey.