What is police responsibility when there is an incident in your home?

Jason DJ

By Lawrence A Robinson

Law enforcement officers are often trained to prioritize de-escalation and maintaining peace. Their primary goal is to prevent further harm or violence. They will turn over their findings to the State Attorney's Office to evaluate and press charges if deemed warranted.

The mission of the State Attorney’s Office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit is to promote public safety by using data-driven methods to hold offenders accountable, provide restorative justice for victims, and redirect children and people in need of services, in an effort to build stronger, safer communities. They try to achieve the highest standards of ethics and competence in order to promote a fair and equitable legal system.

The police came to my home in response to a shoving incident. My stepdaughter's fiancé, Jason Aybar, had been told not to enter into certain areas of my home because my wife was recovering for major surgery and too much stress could trigger a serious breathing attack.

Two days after I told Jason Aybar not to enter the restricted area, he came in anyway. I told him to get out and I shoved him. My stepdaughter, who is 30 years old and still lives at home, shoved me knocking me to the floor. I got up and shoved her away to protect myself as Jason Aybar ran for the door. 

Instead of charging Jason Aybar with trespassing, or charging Darlene Styles for domestic violence, the police warned me about violence against them, and said that they would not arrested me because I am my wife's sole caretaker.

The police told Darlene Styles to leave for about an hour to calm down. They told Jason Aybar that since he doesn't live there, he should leave. The police also said that my stepdaughter can invite him back, but, as the homeowner, I can file trespassing charges against him.

I posted the police cam of that incident HERE.

The police were not interested in knowing why I had restricted Jason Aybar from certain areas. But what aggravates me more, is that my stepdaughter and her fiancé each were told that they could file battery charges against me for protecting my home. Not only that, but the State Attorney who filed the charges is trying to deny the court from knowing that Darlene Styles and Jason Aybar has been very caustic towards me and my wife and this type of behavior is almost a daily activity.

My wife is so very afraid of her daughter. My wife was missing money in her bank account and ask the bank to investigate . After the investigation, the bank’s fraud department determine that the money was removed by authority. My wife realized that it was her daughter who took the money and told me not to talk about it and she didn't talk about it anymore either.

My wife then changed banks. A few weeks later Darlene Styles forced her mom to provide her with her new banking information.

In another incident, my wife found out that her daughter, Darlene Styles and her son, Joseph Styles were receiving Social Security money without our knowledge. When my wife and I met with Social Security officials, we were shown documents where Darlene Styles and Joseph Styles had defrauded the Social Security Administration of over $25,000 in 2011 through 2013. And Joseph Styles had tricked the Administration into giving him a debit card where he received monthly deposits for almost 10 years. The Administrations investigation has been going on for 12 months.

In the meantime, Joseph Styles still lives in my home and the police said that I have no power to put him out without my wife’s agreement. Like I said before, my wife fears him and his sister and won't do anything that might upset them.

Darlene Styles and Jason Aybar used some of the defrauded Social Security money for a winter vacation in Canada. Jason Aybar is benefitting from stolen money using my Social Security credentials.

Did the police department and State Attorney's office uphold their responsibility? I am facing 2 years in prison for shoving a trespasser in my home. Something is not right.