The Whacked Judicial System: The Judicial Qualification Commission "DOUBLE TALK" (part 2)

blind justiceby Cynthia Wheeler
The 2012 JQC annual report states:
"In calendar year 2011, the Investigative Panel received 587 complaints. Consistent with prior years, approximately 90% of those complaints were dismissed because it was determined that they were either without merit, sought to review a judge's ruling, or they failed to state a claim within the Commission's jurisdiction."

1. These complaints never made it to the investigative phase.
2. They never spoke with any of the complainants.
3. Judicial complaints are in narrative form the majority from non- lawyers that do not write in an "attorney or legal' type manner.

Florida Supreme Court recognizes gross incompetence and intentional misapplication of the law as

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judicial misconduct but the JQC has never investigated one judge for either since the JQC was created in 1968. The language contained in the 2012 and 2014 JQC annual reports indicate the JQC will never find probable cause to investigate a judge for gross incompetence or intentional misapplication of the law. This essentially gives judges the power to write law from the bench and directly contradictory to the basis of our entire government.

Not all judges are honorable and numerous incidents of judicial corruption reaffirm this. Confidentiality of all judicial complaints allows judges actions to go undetected for years sometimes causing repairable harm to litigants. If confidentiality is removed it will enable the public to see a judges patterns of behavior prior to 5 or 10 years. Sometimes when there is smoke there is fire and sometimes when a judge has multiple complaints especially with similar allegations it may signal something is wrong.

There are 922 circuit and county judges in Florida. 680 judicial complaints of misconduct were filed in 2014. The JQC give the impression that people file JQC complaints "frivolously" the fact that only 680 complaints were filed when there were hundreds of thousands of court actions filed in Florida actually confirms that people do not file judicial complaints of misconduct "frivolously" or the number of complaints filed would be much higher. Some judges don't have any complaints filed. I am curious to see how many judges have multiple complaints filed.

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The JQC states that people will be afraid to come foward out of fear of retaliation. Is the JQC saying our "honorable judges" will retaliate? It does not match because "honorable judges" wouldn't.

There are different methods that can be used. The complaints could be public by redacting the judges and complainants names. There are a number of things that can be done to assure the JQC that is 2/3 judges and attorneys are not CYA or turning a blind eye to their peers.
When a judge gets caught it is not their first time but confidentiality keeps the public from knowing how many times these judges were reported and no actions were taken at a minimum to investigate.

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