The Criminal Justice System Is Broken...Let's Stop The Crazy!

MarkNeJameby Mark E. NeJame
Why do we have 5% of the world's population but yet 25% of the world's prison population...because the "get tough on crime", zero tolerance and "lock 'em up" philosophy which Trump supporters preach and has prevailed in this country for 30 years is a complete and abysmal failure.

The myopic and reactionary philosophy propounded by those without knowledge but only guided by

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emotion and fear is a huge part of the problem and offers nothing towards a solution. This doesn't suggest that some, actually many, need to be imprisoned for crimes. It does suggest that a rationale, intelligent, thoughtful approach needs to be implemented that is tough when appropriate and compassionate when needed.

Mandatory minimum sentences are a perfect example of doing nothing to curtail crime but having done a whole lot to increase it when people are let out, since no plan, program or thought was given to what to do when someone is released. When one is imprisoned for years, living in prison with criminals for years, untreated for whatever mental health issues they have, untreated for whatever addiction issues they have, have no job skills, have no resume, have no clothes to go on an interview for, have no car to drive to an interview, have no money for deposits for a place to live, etc., and are given $100 and a bus ticket when departing prison and told to stay out of do we expect them to do so?

Will you hire them? ...and please don't answer they shouldn't have gotten in trouble in the first place...some do and always have and always will... They have paid their debt by imprisonment and most want to start fresh... The system is set up where most can't. It is a broken system and The Trumpites only will have it further broken by more reactionary and antediluvian policies. Crazy!!!

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