Black Lives Matter, Too

Black Lives MatterWritten By James T. DeShay
?AllLivesMatter?:The murder of an innocent police officer was the responses and retaliation I expected from an out-of-control individual who perceive himself as making a statement against law enforcement. All people of a civilized society understand that we need the services of the police; however, you can't make defenseless people feel they are at the mercy of "bad apples". We need police department across the country to respect the people they are sworn to serve and protect.

 No one wants those on the frontline, who are sworn to protect against crime, to fall victim to crime.

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Crime is out of control and the general public has to be protected against it. The issue is that law abiding citizens should not fear the police in the same manner as they fear the criminal element. The police should use reduced force when dealing with minor offenses. Everyone should not be arrested for minor issues, which puts all of us at risk.

The police department has to embrace the need to monitor and protect citizens from bad officers. This not only protects the people; it also serves to protects the police officers. As an African American I want to support the police in their efforts to protect our communities across the country. However, I become disenfranchise when I see people being beaten and murdered for small infractions by those who are paid to protect us. Police Officers should be trained to show patience and restraint when dealing with minor issues.

It is my belief that the beatings and murders of several unarmed citizens are putting the police themselves at even greater risk. The police department need to recognize that they can no longer do business as usual. They need to protect the bad police officers from themselves by holding their bad behavior against them. Early on they must be held in check for the small errors in judgement so that they never reach the larger errors in judgements. Police Officers should never be allowed to become verbally abusive to the general public, as this type abuse and anger trends to incite further abuse and anger from both the public, as well as the officers themselves.

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