The Crappy Dysfunctional Court System That Is The Supreme Court of Florida

FACTS FamiliesAgainstCourtTravestiesby Cynthia Wheeler
I am unsure if people are aware Florida Supreme Court created a Commission to address the "crisis in civil courts" aka family court. I have been communicating with the Commission and advocating for the Commission to create a committee within the Commission for people like myself that want to play a role in improving the Crappy Dysfunctional court system we presently have.

The persons and committee associated with the Commission have been very polite but have not agreed

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to advocate for the creation of a committee to allow the reason the Commission was created to help to play an integral role in fixing the system. Affected people know where the holes are in the system. The fact there is a venue for CEO of Publix and Cheney Brothers to contribute to solving problems they have no personal experience about is Azz backwards to me. The CEO of Publix has never walked into a courtroom and represented himseif and I am assuming the CEO of Publix has never discussed directly with any employee there issues related to being a Pro Se or self represented litigant in court. I am not a person that is impressed because a couple of rich business people have allowed their names to be associated with a cause.

Judges and Attorneys have always had input into the family court system. Every form and policy made regarding the family law court is passed to the Florida Bar family law committee and forms committee then Florida Supreme Court signs off. So I am not impressed because a formal committee is created to do something that Florida Supreme court and attorneys have been doing all the time. The broken and dysfunctional family court system we presently have is a direct result of judges and attorneys actions. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result. The Commission must think we the Public are insane to think things are going to change using the same old "Florida Bar family law committee and the same old tired judges to fix a broken system without taking ownership and addressing the mess their actions created.

The Commission met on September 18, 2015. I was there at the meeting. I have repeatedly requested the opportunity to speak at these meetings. I have not been able to confirm if they will allow me a few minutes to address some issues that I feel will not be brought into the discussion. The issue of how judges actions directly contribute to the overall expense to litigants. It is my belief that about 30% of expense is unnecessary result directly from judicial errors such as unnecessary continuances, judges being unprepared for court, judge's failure to familiarize themselves with the case before them prior to the actual hearing, judges making incorrect calculations that necessitate repeated attorney actions. Every time an attorney appears in court it is equall to one billable hour. family law attorneys charge appx $350 an hour, a minimum wage employee earns $8.05 X 40 = $322 a week. Every unnecessary continuance by a judge is more than one weeks salary to a minimum wage employee. There will never be any real improvements to the family court system without addressing how judges contribute to the overall unnecessary expense of low to middle income litigants.

24 out of 27 members of the Commission are judges and attorneys the other 3 are CEO's and a chancellor. Which of these members are going to say judges contribute to the problem, which of the attorneys will say attorneys drag out cases extracting every penny they can from a litigant? I am going to be at the meetings as they are open to the public. I need for as many of us to be at the meeting as possible to advocate so we can have a active role in this process to ensure our interest are advocated for instead of just blindly relying upon judges and attorneys that quite frankly created the mess of a family court system. I need as many people showing up as possible to advocate for me getting a few minutes in these minutes to bring up the issues I have mentioned in this post and more.

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